I believe that if our intent is to change this world for the better, our plan has to include a giant change to the way we do business.  Just like humans are looking to evolve into more conscious beings, businesses can and have to become conscious too.  Conscious business practice is an actual real thing.  If you google “conscious businesses”, you will see many folks are talking about it, that there are defined principles for conscious business practice and that there are many companies moving in that direction or that are already operating as a conscious business.  Better yet, you will find research demonstrating that conscious businesses financially outperform other businesses, as much as 10 to 1* (*cited from the Harvard Business Review.)  When I talk about conscious businesses, I also talk about conscious investment.  Investment includes both in where we choose to shop and where we choose to invest our money in for growth.  We have the power to shape business simply by being conscious of where we put our money. And that is a fairly easy power to exercise that doesn’t require a ton of work. But how do we know if a business is conscious and whether they are worthy of us investing in it our using their products or services?  

A conscious business is a business with a heart. It is a business whose mission has a higher purpose that transcends making money.  It doesn’t necessarily mean their product or service is green….it means that the company believes that their product or service will add value to the world and/or the people it is intended to serve/reach.  

Conscious businesses always have the goal of providing quality products and services that enhance the wellbeing of our earth and its inhabitants. In conscious businesses, profits are a byproduct of great products and services, rather than the goal of the business itself.

Conscious businesses care about their stakeholders, which include more than their shareholders and key executive staff. Stakeholders include customers, employees, communities, the earth and all of our earth’s inhabitants.

A conscious business looks at the impact of their product, services, and operating policies and procedures and ensures that no harm is intentionally created as a result of their work.  Conscious business practice is a thoughtful, mindful and caring way of operating. In a conscious business, wellness is defined not only by the company’s health, but also by how well they serve customer, employee, environmental, and community wellness.  Conscious businesses strive to balance the needs and serve the highest good of everyone and thing they touch. They adopt and promote a conscious culture, principles, practices and policies. They and their leadership embed compassion, caring, patience, tolerance and quality into everything they do and ensure employee and leadership messaging and modeling exemplify such values and purpose. They foster environments of trust, authenticity, compassion, caring, transparency, integrity, learning, empowerment, creativity, mentoring, wellness, no harm, win-win solutions, work-life balance, self-actualization and more.  And, they continuously collect data to measure performance and review and redesign where necessary their standard business practices to ensure they are producing outcomes that are aligned with their values.

The top 10 questions we can ask to determine if a business is conscious:

  1. Does the company mission, vision, values, policies and/or practices demonstrate a belief that the product or service enhances the planet and/or the people it is intended to reach?
  2. Does the company ensure that their product or service does not intentionally harm any stakeholders?
  3. Does the company mission, vision and values demonstrate compassion/caring for stakeholders?
  4. Does the company and its policies and practices support employee wellness (examples include supportive caring environment, healthy array of benefits, work-life balance, wellness activities, opportunities to learn, be mentored and grow both professionally and as an individual, healthy balanced compensation for employees, leadership and shareholders, etc.)?
  5. Does the company operate with honesty and transparency?
  6. Does the company train leadership on and champion conscious leadership practices?
  7. Do the financial and business practices of the company demonstrate that the needs of all stakeholders are balanced?
  8. Does the company engage in data collection and continuous quality improvement activities to measure itself and its employees on conscious business practice?  And, does it use results of data collection to guide positive change?   
  9. Does the company engage in activities and practices that contribute to the wellnesses of its communities/people/our earth?
  10. Does the company’s product or service actually enhance the lives of its customers?


At www.mannabliss.com, we have provided a platform for conscious businesses to list themselves on our site so that we can find them and use them. This platform is new so we are asking you all to help us by listing your conscious business on our site.  Conscious businesses include retailers, manufacturers, the services industry, food industry, healers, yoga studios, and any other type of business that is out there that is committed to conscious business practice.  It is our goal to be able to have a place to identify awesome companies so that we can all support them and champion their good work.  Please take a moment to go on our site and help us with this mission.  Just a few minutes can help us promote and support folks that are out there trying to do it right.  It can make the difference that we are all wanting.  The time for change is here and we are the change makers….we are the loveolutionaries…. here solely for the purpose of bringing this world into the new era of love and light and beauty.  For now, this one simple request to champion conscious businesses (become one, shop at one, invest in one) and list yourself on our site, can end up being just what we need to get this shift started!  Check us out 🙂


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