For those of you who live in Delray Beach, Florida, The House of Zen Dali should need no introduction.  And for those of you who don’t know the name, you need to know it.  The House of Zen Dali is the waking dream of Jen Scoz and Hawk Stillwind, one of the most amazing couples I know, and who I am grateful to call my soul family.  Before I even get around to filling you in on the amazingness of their retail clothing and jewelry line, let me begin by introducing you to Jen and Hawk.  Jen is a beyond talented, creative, fun, beautiful, sweet, loving, deep, spiritual, wise, smart business leader, an awesome friend and a soul sister.

Hawk is one of the most knowledgeable and wise beings I have had the pleasure of meeting and a brother in spirit.  He carries within him lifetimes of knowledge and understanding of Native American and eastern spiritual practices.  He is quiet, creative, sweet, solid, fun, beautiful and kind.  Together, they are as perfect as they are individually. Not only do these two have it going on, but they also have one of the most magical retail establishments I have had the pleasure of shopping in.  It’s my favorite store on Atlantic Avenue.  The clothing and jewelry can be described as bohemian chic with an eastern flare.  Most everything in the store is designed by Jen and Hawk.

Jen is an extremely talented and detailed jewelry designer with an incredible eye for beauty.  She chooses unique gemstones and materials to design one of a kind whimsical, magical, and inspired pieces that carry her essence and love within them.

Hawk is responsible for the men’s clothing line and Jen is the creative force behind the beautiful jewelry and women’s line.   Jen and Hawk spend several months a year travelling and shopping for materials from around the world.  Many of their designs are brought to life in Indonesia and India.

From hand painted silks, to vibrant and colorful dresses and tops, you can dress yourself from head to toe in beautiful fabrics and flowy goddess fits, that are tres chic!!!  For our male readers, I think you will love this store as well.

The men’s line is edgy, sleek, and modern with a bit of punk rock and yogi feel added to it.   The store itself is a sight to see.  You can feel Jen and Hawk’s beautiful energy in each and every inch of space. There is a ton of attention to detail in terms of merchandising, design, and creating an experience for shoppers, as Jen is a stickler for detail. Everywhere one turns, there is something gorgeous an amazing to experience.    Jen and Hawk are there quite frequently. Expect them to greet you with a smile and tons of love.  Also, if you want something custom, Jen can make most anything come to life.

For more information, visit them at www.jenscoz.com or get down to The House of Zen Dali  (561-330-3436)

– Darnelle Quinn


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