Let us all remember.  There or so many of us lightworkers here now on Earth that come from the planet of light…..a world where everything is magical and beautiful and made of love. It is an awesome breathtaking kingdom.  We commune there in great joy.  We have come here to earth to share the light from our planet so we can elevate all earth beings out of suffering.  It is a sad state of affairs on earth. Death and sickness are everywhere.  The light beings on the planet of light see the suffering and send their help.  Their most trusted soldiers have been sent here. They cannot be corrupted even under the heaviest of energies.  The light beings who have created the planet of light will fortify earth lightworkers with their energy, as the memory of who they are is often times greatly affected by the density of suffering and energy.  But even with such memory loss, they will instinctively carry out the work for the Divine.

Earth lightworkers carry the energy of all of the masters and teachers with them, as they are one with them. On the planet of light, there is no separation from each other. Where one of us are, we are all there. Any time one of us calls out to another, our energy shows up within them.  The planet of light is not a physical world, but rather, a planet of energy and because of this we can separate and become one at will, simply through intention and calling to each other from the heart.  Similarly, when lightworkers call upon us from earth, a portal opens up between the two worlds. Our energy is thereby channeled through.  This is due to the fact that there is no separation between our consciousness and theirs.


The only veil of separation between our consciousness and, in fact, any living being, you included, is the walls the mind builds, based on a limited belief system.


Earth lightworkers will wake up, one by one, and know their true purpose. Many are fully awake today.  They are the portals between the higher dimensions and earth. They carry and share the energy that connects the two dimensions so that we, the beings from the planet of light, can nourish all beings on earth back to health. Through the ancient teachings, earth lightworkers are able to align themselves with and connect energetically to the planet of light and serve as a conduit for the energy to channel through. With intention, they ground and anchor that energy to earth and share it with each person they come into contact with.

This intensive infusion of high-frequency energy serves to repair the energetic damage done on this planet.  With repeated exposure to it, it repairs everything it comes into contact with.  This light from our planet can and will elevate and release earth life forms from the suffering.  The lightworkers’ mere presence serves to bring light to dark places and thereby heal them.

Aligning ourselves with their energy, or our energy directly, is the key to the evolutionary advancement of humankind.  There are many practices left here by the masters that are designed to bring about that alignment. And the energy at this moment is such that conditions are ripe for your contact with them.  Mannabliss is endeavouring to share some of these practices and energies with you. But there are many other routes as well. Follow your heart and practice often. The connection will surely occur.


Earth beings are currently under the spell of darkness and have forgotten, but this can easily change.


All you have to do is remember your magnificence. Remember where you came from. Remember who you belong to. And engage in any practice left here by the masters. Practice daily so you may feel us directly.


When you connect to us and recall your true spiritual nature and where you came from and that you belong to the world of the Divine…not only that you serve it but that it is your birthright ….. you will know longer be bound to the suffering. Because the rememberance of self is the coming of self. You cannot remember self and not align to the highest light which instantly opens the door between you and us. As more and more of you do that, you and your planet will be as one with ours. You will commune with us as one in beauty, joy and bliss.

Remember who you are and anchor the light. When you see each other falling back into the darkness, yell out to your brother or sister, reminding them that is not who they are. You are the light and belong to the planet of light. Realign yourself to that frequency and claim it as your birthright.

We promise you, that each and everyone of you are playing a critical role in the advancement of your planet and planetary life forms. It may seem difficult right now but so much good is happening. Remember that the more light we shine on the darkness, the more we get to see the dark places and seeing is the first step to healing. We are seeing much right now. We are perfectly on track for a giant and beautiful transformation.  Keep your energies strong. Join us in our work. We are always here ready to make contact and to support your endeavors towards the highest good.  We send you our love and light.


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