“…We are all one, We are all part of the same thing, All religions are one, There is no separation, Have no Fear.”


I am excited to introduce you to artist extraordinaire, absolute beauty inside and out, intelligent, deep, conscious, shaman and local artist, Sara Conca as our “person you need to know”.   This woman is definitely a quadruple threat – gorgeous, beyond talented, smart, and deeply connected to Source.  But she is so sweet and down to earth, that one can’t help but fall in love with her the minute you meet her. The first time we met, which was over a year ago, immediately we were talking from a place of spirit.   She told me she was studying under a Shaman (she can actually call herself a Shaman today), and that she saw fairies and dragons and has seen them since she was a child.  We swapped orb photos and instantly I knew this was one of my soul sisters and that our paths would cross again.

On January 17, 2016, I went to Onessimo Fine Art Gallery in Palm Beach Gardens, which has been representing amazing artists for 12 years in Palm Beach County, to see Sara’s work live (if you happen to be in Palm Beach Gardens or passing through, this is a gallery that is definitely worth a visit and Sara’s work continues to be on display).    Sara has been a professional artist for over twenty years, however, she when I asked her when she knew this was what she was intended to do, she replied “always”.  She recalled getting in trouble with her mother at the age of seven for melting down her crayons to create abstract art.

Her art work is something that should not be missed.

The paintings I had the honor of experiencing, are painted on plexiglass, predominantly using varying shades of blue oils/acrylics, with a sprinkling of gold and/or silver dust.

Sara’s work has layers upon layers of depth and detail. The crazy thing about it is that she paints backwards, from the top layer down, a technique that is completely unique to Sara.  She lays the plexiglass down on a table and paints in reverse (the top layer goes on first, then second layer, and so on).  Most often, she doesn’t sees the end product until she completes it.  She did mention that on occasion, she has used mirrors to see the work, but that she considers that cheating, because it inhibits the free flow of creatively and spirit coursing through her.   When I asked her if she felt present while creating, she replied that she did not, but felt that spirit was taking over to do the work for her.

Sara’s work has a magical quality to it.  It gives you the experience of being suspended in the cosmos or under a magical sea.  Look closely and you can see angels, dolphins, and other beautiful spirits.  She names many of her paintings after the mystical or mythical beings that she channels through.  Without a doubt Sara taps into other dimensions when she creates.  She is fully aware of that. “When I go to my worktable, I do what I am guided to do”.  “I dream walk”.  “I see myself as a gatekeeper” (to the other realms). Prior to starting a new piece (that can take her from days to weeks depending on how long she channels each day) she does a Native American prayer and tobacco offering.

I asked Sara what inspires her.  Her reply? “Nature and everything organic.  I channel my inspiration.  Energy. The alignment of stars. Nirvana.  The interconnectedness of everything. Mystical and mythological creatures. My Native American roots.”

When I asked her if she had one message or word of wisdom to leave to others what that would be, she replied “we are all one – we all part of the same thing – all religions are one – there is no separation – have no fear”.

For more information on Sara, visit her website:

– Darnelle Quinn


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