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Namaste Solar is a company working for a better world from all angles! ☀ Their mission goes beyond spreading the use of solar energy which is, of course, in and of itself a conscious business practice and extends to pioneering conscientious business practices for the betterment of the world. The employee-owned certified B-corp strives to create an environment of collaboration, cooperation, transparency and sustainability.  With their employee-ownership, they are mindful to provide a better quality of life for their employees and a better service to their consumers who are no doubt working with individuals who are truly inspired by the work that they are doing. 💚 They offer paid volunteer hours to their employees and donate 10% of their annual profits to their community! In the operations, they work to reduce their footprint in every way possible – including solar powered buildings, extensive composting and recycling programs, free bus passes to employees, company vehicles that are electric, hybrid and biodiesel and a Sustainability Committee specifically designated to the ongoing brainstorming and implementing of more and more sustainable practices. ♻ Through their extensive recycling practices, they have been able to reduce their waste to about 15%. If you live in Colorado, California or New York, we encourage you to look into supporting this conscious business for your solar power needs, and joining them in working to create a more sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. Thank you Namaste Solar for helping to lead the way!!!! 🌎🔛🔝✔


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