“How easy it is to stay small and think of oneself as separate, unimportant, and unworthy. How terrifyingly sublime to finally embrace one’s true power, worth and promise.” 


My Name is Xavier Hawk. I am a young man forever on a quest for the truth and the liberation of suffering for the beings of this planet. I have taught Yoga, meditation, wilderness skills, and world history. I have given talks to sold out audiences around the globe on how to solve the world’s poverty and corruption while providing solutions for housing, energy, and global self governance. I have also Facilitated youth empowerment workshops, trained and fought fires as a fireman, saved lives as an EMT, Lead wilderness trips for young people, tended sacred fires, explored remote locations, and had close encounters with large wild animals like bear families, black panthers, and packs of coyotes. I have died unsuccessfully, come back, and lead ceremony for many world leaders. I created, architected, and conducted various successful and unsuccessful businesses, and invested wisely and unwisely. I have filmed, marketed, and produced DVD series, hunted and spoke with ghosts for a television series, released 8 musical albums, produced 2 series of paintings, survived in the wilderness with a knife, and started a family with my glorious wife raising them on an off grid organic farm in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I have been gang stalked, surveilled, manipulated, and pushed around. I have been beaten up spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I have gotten back up each time. I have done wrong and paid the price, and I have done right and reaped the rewards. I have loved and lost, and hated and found. I have learned much about this world, its hidden aspects, and boundaries, and it is literally only right now in my life as I recount these achievements that I realize how extraordinary my life has been and how accomplished an individual I really am. I am so humbled and grateful for all of my experiences, and as I now laugh at how little I have valued my life, my experiences, and ultimately myself I wonder what on earth made me feel so unworthy of joy?! How easy it is to stay small and think of oneself as separate, unimportant, and unworthy. How terrifyingly sublime to finally embrace one’s true power, worth and promise.

Welcome to The Incredible Adventures of Xavier Hawk. This series will be an exploration of extraordinary living. Far beyond the musings of a world traveling jet setter and gypsy regarding the contrivances of 21st century living or “new age” notions, this series of missives will dive deep into the fundamental processes and patterns that I have used to craft an internal world so rich and fertile that it had no recourse but to unleash itself upon the realms and reflect itself to me. This series will recount many extraordinary experiences not common to the population of two legged people on this planet today. They are tales of wonder and danger bordering on the unbelievable. I assure you however, they are true and correct both in the recounting and in the effects they have had on my life and those around me. They are the result of my unreasonable adherence, for better or for worse, to what Joseph Campbell called, the Hero’s quest. Thus explains the name, The Incredible Adventures of Xavier Hawk.

This series came into existence as a result of a profound failure I experienced creating a global digital currency architected to provide a worldwide basic living wage, and support the permaculture, clean energy, and sustainable housing markets. The more success and notoriety I experienced the more dangerous and otherworldly it became. I faced forces I did not comprehend: gangs, occult machinations, and treachery. As an attempt to heal from this dark night of the soul I reached out to my soul family of close relations and friends with a monthly missive as a means of healing my wounds and reconnecting with those souls who have affected my life in some profound and meaningful way. When one of my close friends read these tales, they were so moved by the eloquence and deep perspective that they asked me if I would be willing to make these private recountings available to her audience in this wonderful magazine. I balked at the notion of sharing such intimate and private windows to my soul with strangers with whom I was not acquainted. “Perhaps I can concoct another series of lessons or something more appropriate to a magazine,” I deflected. “Whatever you like,” was the response.

Whatever you like. Such a simple and yet powerful phrase. For those of you with children, you may quiver at the notion of entrusting your child’s routine to “whatever you like.” For me, It conjures terrifying imagery of chocolate covered faces brimming with sprinkles, magic marker strewn across their cherubim cheeks, and god knows what smushed in between the cushions of all the furniture and across the walls. We people are like children in this regard. We have been given free reign to “do what thou wilt,” to do whatever we like with our planet, and now look at the results. We live in a world smushed, covered, and buckling under the stress of our “freedoms.” I will not know the results of my writings here or whether they will have the effect I desire which is the liberation of the beings of this planet from suffering, or if like a mattress ruined by the careless spillage of vinegar by the three year old, it will cause undue harm and struggle. My genuine hope is the former not the latter. Without the ability to clearly see the tree tomorrow for the seed we plant today we can only plant and hope the fruits are good. So rather than doing whatever I like, I have relented, and in joy do what the universe through my dear friend has asked of me. I shall recount the deeply personal, sometimes terrifying, and all around magical experiences that have brought me to this place called the here and now.

        It is my profound desire that the lessons I have learned are of some value to you and bring to you some measure of joy and connection with the source of creation. I pray that the notions I unleash here ripple outwards into the cosmos a ring true in the grand symphony of life, and that in ringing they help measure the symphony, help define the piece, and bring beauty and truth into your world.
– Xavier Hawk


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