As humans, we have generated so much karma over lifetimes. Whether you accept that premise literally or figuratively, I’m sure we can all agree that we have negative mental afflictions that need healing. These negative mental afflictions cause much of our suffering while acting as constant barriers to the abundance and prosperity that the universe offers.

As many of us have experienced during challenging times, simply trying to fake a smile and “think positive” (whatever that means) when facing the negative narratives our minds throw at us is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Likewise, to enter our consciousness and take control of the “stories” we tell ourselves, to eliminate those negative narratives that block us from the life we desire, we must be given the right tools and taught how to use them.

The idea behind the Library in Your Mind meditation is to provide a practical and powerful method to systematically explore, locate, experience and release those narratives that do not serve us positively in this life.

What are our negative mental afflictions?
“I’m not good enough.”
“I don’t deserve love.”
“I’m afraid.”
“I’m ashamed.”

These harmful narratives appear in many forms and contexts. If someone ignores us, our first thought may be, “oh, she probably hates me.”

We often compare ourselves superficially to others, thinking, “I’m nothing compared to them,” which blocks or nullifies our weak attempts to be positive. In fact, our positive thinking is often just a brief glimmer of positivity on an ocean of negativity. We lightly dust the surface of our consciousness with positivity and then hope for the best. But we need to get down and dirty, diving deep to explore the unknown that is our consciousness. As our brain is sometimes compared to a computer, I’ll appropriate the metaphor and state that we need to excise and delete those programs that do not serve us and only hold us back. If we can silence and remove this talk, we can liberate ourselves from the suffering that these deleterious narratives cause within our lives.

There are countless different flavors of meditation that one can experience, exploit, and enjoy in the effort to heal and transcend spiritually. Mine takes the form of a library in my mind, and I will share my process to remove negative thoughts and narratives using this library. This guided meditation was inspired by meditations in Jeffrey Allen’s Unlocking Transcendence 60-day meditation course. It is with his blessing that I have the privilege of sharing this with you––thank you so much Jeffrey!

We invite you to find a comfortable seat, press play on the button below and enjoy the peaceful meditation provided to clear out the “library in your mind.” We have also provided the text below for those who wish to read it. Enjoy!

Find a comfortable seat and begin to focus on your breath. Bring awareness to the fresh air inside your nose and slowly filling your lungs. After taking a few deep breaths, close your eyes and bring your awareness into your third eye, also known as your mind’s eye or your Ajna chakra. Visualize your own personal library here.

Understand that it’s ethereal and personal. Begin to see this room filled with books about your life, your attitudes, your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, narratives, and anything else that you associate with your being. You may organize and create this library any way you want. The architecture of this room may change frequently, and that’s OK. This library is not within the physical plane, so be accepting and amused by the fact that this environment is dynamic. Understand that this room serves a purpose, offering insight, information, and illumination to what makes you, you. When you’ve settled into your library, set your intention to heal and clear any negative thought patterns that currently plague you. With this intention in your mind and heart, it’s time to start the most important project you’ve ever worked on.

Playfully and curiously begin to explore this library, which contains walls and walls of books about you. Allow your intuition to guide you through this library, taking you to the sections of books that need your attention. Using the light of your awareness and your intentional desire to heal, explore your library for those areas and books that hold pain, anger, and fear. Allow yourself to find those novels that contain negative narratives and painful memories. Allow yourself to open a book and “read” it, or rather, relive it. Flip through the pages of the book and feel those painful memories while observing the events that took place. Without judgment, allow and accept any other thoughts and feelings associated with these memories and narratives. While reliving old traumas can sometimes be an uncomfortable and even painful experience, it’s a prerequisite to letting them go. As you hold your book in your hands, feel at home in this safe, personal space that you’ve created, this peaceful and private library free of judgment. Feel the hard cover of the book on your palms and the crisp, dry pages on your fingers. Admire yourself for having accepted and acknowledged these thoughts and feelings, regardless of how challenging it may have been for you. It is now time to remove this book from your library and liberate yourself from the painful memories and negative narratives that no longer serve you in this life.

With gratitude and joy, find yourself with one of those classic boxes employees use to clear out their desks on their last day of work. Proceed to take your books and put them into this empty box, getting ready to forever release them from your consciousness. Perhaps you read and experienced multiple books in one session, or maybe you only worked on a chapter––always move at a pace that’s comfortable. Gently place anything you worked through into the box and prepare yourself to release these energies from your consciousness. With conviction, grab hold of your box and walk toward the front door of  toward the front door of your library. As you open the door and the sunlight beams in, see on the fresh earth before you a huge fire pit ablaze with the flames of your awareness and compassion. As you feel the heat of the fire energizing and revitalizing your being, take your box and place it on the fire, allowing it to be consumed in the flames. Watch with satisfaction and a sense of genuine accomplishment as the flames lick the binding and the pages, quickly incinerating the books and forever releasing the negative energy back into the universe and far away from your being.

With gratitude and joy, breathe a deep sigh of relief as you close the door and step back inside your library. Smile and appreciate how much lighter you feel, and how empowered you are after having this experience. Know that you have the capacity to clean up this library and remove any needless pain and suffering that may be preventing you from living the life you desire. Take a moment to appreciate your hard work. Stretch, breathe, and open your eyes. This technique is very effective for removing negative thought patterns and toxic narratives, and the disposal of the books is one of the most critical and beneficial parts of the meditation. As all my negativity and mental afflictions go up in flames, I feel lighter, more peaceful, and filled with gratitude for having the gift of this practice in my spiritual and energetic arsenal. So far, it has served me very well.


I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to share this meditation. I want to give credit one more time to Jeffrey Allen and MindValley Academy for inspiring this practice and helping to change my life. It is my desire for humanity to realize their innate ability to overcome suffering by liberating themselves of their needless pain. I hope that by sharing this practice, I can, in some small way, help accomplish that goal. Thank you! I wish you all the best in your journey. Namaste!


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