Shout out to Mantra Yoga & Juice in Carlsbad, CA for their beautiful efforts in creating a more conscious world.💚 I’ve had the pleasure of diving into practice with this community over the past few weeks and have been touched by the pure heart & sweet dedication that shines through each wonderful teacher. Yesterday they announced a campaign that touched me even more deeply. During the month of May, $1 from every yoga class that each member comes to will be donated to the #MantraScholarsInitiative and redistributed through the north county San Diego community to people who could use the help to get on their mat through scholarships to class and trainings. Members can anonymously nominate their friends, Loved ones and perhaps strangers that they’ve only met once but recognize the sweet goodness within. 🙏🏼 This beautiful studio also goes above and beyond to educate its members on how they can directly make an impact on this world beyond their mat. 🙌🏼

We are one family, united on this planet to make a difference and lift each other up. We must remember this every day, and choose to support businesses that support the betterment of our world and each other. 🌎💞 Thank you Mantra Yoga!!!!!

Mannabliss 💜 Conscious people. Conscious business. Conscious movement. Join the LOVEolution!!!! Do you know of a business going above and beyond for the wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants? Let us know below or list them on our conscious business directory @ and join us in working together to better our world!!!! 🤗

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