Shiva – the formless eternal source of the cosmic dance of bliss, creation, and re-creation that underlies all of existence; including our very own being. The consciousness upon which existence is created. The fire (light) that is obtained through spiritual discipline/practice, which burns through and destroys anything that stand in the way of experiencing our true nature. Shiva is the consciousness of yoga, music, wisdom (opening our internal eye and destroying ignorance) and tantra. His divine feminine aspect, Parvati, is the embodiment of Shakti energy. She is the feminine creative force of Shiva and the energy that brings Shiva consciousness into the manifest. She is the magician of creation. She is also the energy of fertility, love, devotion, strength, skill, and power. A simple mantra, that with constant repetition and intention, can be performed to better know ourselves as Shiva is “Om Namah Shivaya.” I bow to/pay homage to Shiva (also spelled Siva). It is said that to engage in the repetition of a name is to know the true essence of the name, because there is no separation between the name and its essence. With consistent practice and single pointed meditative attention and the repetition of a Shiva mantra, we can all know and experience Shiva within. Also, when we call to Shiva energy, we are invoking the energy of creation and re-creation in our lives, we are removing obstacles that stand in the way of knowing ourselves, we opening up to our personal wisdom and to the energy of spiritual practice as a means to experience the spiritual realms of consciousness and the understanding/remembering of ourselves as the source of the eternal cosmic dance. It is a very powerful mantra that is said to bring quick results.

Today, Mahashivratri, is the day of the year that we celebrate and honor Shiva consciousness. Shiva prayers and celebrations, along with fasting, occur for 24 hours. Because of the energy of these prayers, this is a special day where this energy is super potent and very accessible should be choose to connect to it in prayer and practice.

Love, Prema


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