Chanting mantras is a very powerful tool both to connect with the Divine and manifest our intention. For me, it’s been the most direct way to plug into Source. It’s a regular part of my practice and it’s how I express my love for the Divine in all its forms.


The power behind a mantra comes from:

  1. The love and intention we send out through sound is an awesome way to reach others and to manifest. Sound is a particular powerful tool and vibration for carrying energy and intention and can be felt by most. It is much harder to tap into subtle energy of thought, but most of us can hear music and feel the intention of the person singing it. That intention not only travels through individuals who hear it, but similarly, travels through and leaves an imprint in our collective energy field, making it a hugely transformative practice.
  1. The power of the mantra itself and language of Sanskrit (along with the tones, notes and rhythms) are designed to influence or energy system and connect us to the energies we are chanting about. Over time and with regular practice, we begin to open ourselves up to feeling the very real energy we are chanting about and to obtaining the direct knowledge and understanding of the meaning of the things we are chanting about. Even if we never learn what the words we chant are all about, the repetition of them will allow us even more than learning…the direct experience of them. I like to think of chanting mantra as a technique for opening a portal to the particular Divine energies we are targeting through a mantra.
  1. So many gurus, masters and teachers have chanted these same mantras for thousands upon thousands of years. When we chant mantras, we align ourselves with the energy of these great beings and connect with their energies, which is beyond a humbling and AWEsome experience. Knowing they show up wherever they are called, still blows my mind. I used to think this to be to be a magical and mystical experience but it’s so real to me now, that it’s as real as the chair I am sitting on at this moment. In chanting, we create a union between ourselves, our teachers, all beings and the Divine. What an incredibly powerful experience!!!


Below are two mantras that we commonly chant. We will continue to post this article and new mantras with each issue. We also would love your comments, feedback and questions, which can be emailed to and which we will happily reply to.


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings everywhere (throughout all of existence) be happy, joyful and free from suffering, may they experience the beauty and bliss of union with divine love, and may my thoughts, words, and actions contribute in some way to that happiness, freedom and communion with love for all.


Asato Maa Sad Gamaya

Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya

Mrtyor Maa Amrtan Gamaya

Lead us from untruth (duality and the constructs of our minds) to truth (satcitananda – we are eternal all pervasive conscious bliss)

Lead us from darkness (ignorance/non attunement to source) to the light (spiritual knowledge/wisdom which comes from alignment to source)

Lead us from fear of death to (experiencing our) immortality
~ Premananda


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