Chanting mantras is a very powerful tool both to connect with the Divine and to manifest our intention.

For many of us, it is the most direct way to plug in to Source and is an integral part of our practice. Through chanting mantra, we express our love for the Divine in all its forms, and we connect to the Divine within ourselves. Many of us experience a profound feeling of bliss when we are in this bhakti yoga practice (the practice of devotion).

We will continue to post new mantras from different faiths with each issue. We also would love your comments, feedback and questions, which can be emailed to info@mannabliss and which we will happily reply to. 

Below is a hebrew mantra (prayer) that Mikey Pauker was called to share this month. Mikey is a spiritual musician, producer and ritualist who shares sacred music with the world from the Jewish tradition. We were blessed to share in his medicine at Chant4Change and are grateful to share it with you..


Berucha at shechinah

zocher hab’rit, v’ne’eman bevrito, v’kayam b’ma’ama’roh.


Blessed are you divine mother,

who remembers the covenant, is trustworthy in her covenant and fulfills her word.


(This is not a literal translation. This has been adapted to recognize the female attributes and manifestation of creator. Creator has characteristics of all gender. As we are created in her image.)

In a recent torah portion, Great Spirit creates a rainbow in the sky symbolizing the covenant between her, and all beings on the Earth. A rainbow is an alchemy of many colors. This diversity makes a rainbow what it is. Each faith and religion resembles a color. When we focus on the beauty of one,  it can be very powerful.  However when we recognize the diversity and take a step back, that’s where we are able to see the beautiful spectacle of what the rainbow is. Beauty in diversity.

Chant4Change brought together a rainbow of faiths.  When we all come together to share our story, our song, and our sacred wisdom our rainbow is activated and we become that very same covenant raising consciousness for all beings.  We become the manifestation of peace and compassion. May we all be blessed to embody the rainbow.

– Mikey Pauker


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