When it comes to relationships, there are blessings and lessons. A blessing is for the rest of your life… A lesson is something you experience to improve the rest of your life (and both hold great value)…… Joseph our bartender at the Gaylord in DC. Tonight one of my BFF’s and I had dinner at the bar of our hotel and met the most amazing bartender ever! We talked about relationships, life, spirit, and so much more. His insight and perspective were super enlightening. He was definitely Divinely inspired and had taken the time to learn about himself and the world around him. Jen and I both felt like we took valuable truth way with us that we could implement in our lives. Joseph is happily in love and shared his insight with us about what he learned along the way which was super valuable and came from a place of spirit. We also talked about energy, the meaning of life and so much more!!

My point to this is, when we take the time to really listen and connect with each other, it is amazing what comes of it. In the least expected places we can have true exchange and connection with others. Most of the time we are so caught up in what we are doing or thinking that we fail to notice what is around us. But failing to take the time to connect leaves us missing out on much of the magic and beauty of life. A few words to another or a smile can start a communication that can leave the two people so much better off than when they started. So I challenge you to smile at the person next to you in the grocery store. Or when you are at a dinner, talk to your server. Take time to really learn about another’s truth. Some of my most unexpected angels of truth have been…a homeless man on a street corner, the night cleaning person at a hospital who consoled me, the man who changed my oil at a Mobil station 15 year ago and left me changed forever, a friend of a friend who I was asked to have coffee with and who has become a mentor to me and our Mannabliss family, and so much more. Each of us has something to share with each other. So slow down, make eye contact, smile at the person next to you, and fully participate in the human experience.

Sending tons of love, Prema


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