Dear Mannabliss Movement Members,

I am so excited to bring you the Mannabliss Medicine for the Soul Magazine. This free publication has been manifested as way to connect to our readers to the rich resources in the conscious and awakened community that is growing nationwide at lightning speed, and also to share practices and knowledge with each other that assist us in our path of evolution and healing.  But it is also part of our greater mission to create a spiritual community that embodies love and bliss and that serves as a catalyst to heal our planet and its inhabitants.

The time has come to gather together as one movement, no matter what our spiritual practice or our beliefs are.  We are united in the truth that we are Divine spiritual beings living an earthly experience.  We are united in our commitment to living as an expression of love and bliss.  We are united in our belief that there are enough resources for all of us to live happily and to our fullest potential.  We are united in the fact that we want change and are ready to be the change and to join a LOVEOLUTION that transforms our planet into the magical playground that we all envision it to be.

In addition to the magazine, we are building a website that will allow us to network with one another, share our truths and practices, and connect to healers, yoga studios, conscious businesses, events, and each other. This is a blank slate platform intended for our community to populate.  We are not driving the engine, but rather we believe in the community driving itself based on what our members want to post and respond to. Again, as in the magazine, this is available at no charge.  It is our offering to you.  We will support ourselves solely through ads, sponsorships, and donations.

Mannabliss was born out of a true desire to be of service to this world and its inhabitants.  I personally had a spiritual awakening in my mid-twenties and almost twenty years ago that changed the course of my life forever.  One morning at 7 am at the age of approximately 26, I was walking with my sister outdoors pondering the meaning and purpose of life, when I was suddenly zapped by a tremendous energy was suddenly zapped by a tremendous energy that left me feeling tall and alive and excited.  This was followed by perceiving the world as pure energy and light.  When I went to open my mouth to speak from that point forward, information was entering my own consciousness as I spoke (which I now know to be a download of information). The information was pertaining to the meaning of life but from a perspective I had never considered before.  My reality came crashing down around me because this new knowledge was contrary to any of my belief systems (but seemed so right on!). This process of downloading continued rapidly for approximately 6 months and at the same time, I was given the opportunity to face myself fully, including all of my dysfunctions, beliefs, and more.  It was a frightening time for me as I did not have a foundation in any practice.  I was very fortunate that I told a coworker about what was occurring to me and that co-worker referred me to a healer in my neighborhood, EJ, who that had lived for many years as a Buddhist monk.  In my first meeting with EJ, I let him know that I thought I lost my mind.  He looked at me and said, “who needed that thing anyway”.  I instantly understood that I had been a prisoner of the beliefs that my mind clung to and that I had been let free of those chains and bars.  EJ helped me over the next few years to integrate my newfound knowledge as well as to understand the incredible gift that I had been given.  I then went on to study the path of yoga and have been initiated into several ancient lineages along the last twenty years. The path I ultimately chose is Bhakti Yoga…the yoga of love, devotion, and service to the Divine (in any and all traditions and forms).  I always say….wherever the Divine is, that is where you will find me, in complete devotion, surrender, love and service to It and Its expressions.

Another important fact that I should share is that during my years of practice I was able to learn the language of energy.  For many years now, I have had direct communication with my spirit guides.  I also have the ability to read energy of anything and anyone I become attuned to (most commonly known as empath and channel). Which brings me to my next point….only a few short years after my awakening, while in deep meditation, I was told that this era of spirit was coming and that I would play a role in it.  I was also told that it would be in my forties and that I would leave the life that I knew to champion in this new era.  I immediately told my loved ones that this was my trajectory and I patiently waited for the calling to the work. In the meantime over the twenty years I continued my spiritual practice, my career blossomed and I lived a lively life (filled with lots of learning, curve balls and clearing layers of beliefs, patterns, energy blockages, traumas, etc.).  I was also able to volunteer some of my time and life to helping others to expand their consciousness (to the extent of my own personal knowledge and of others openness to learning new concepts).

Fast forward to my forties – One day I was meditating and wondering when I was going to get the call from the Divine, but I heard nothing.  When it didn’t happen as soon as I turned 40, I believed it was because the universe needed me where I was at.  But suddenly, I was called to action spiritually to assist a few people that were transitioning from this world (one who I have not seen for fifteen years but who I was called to in a meditation).  Then, our soul family one by one began appearing out of nowhere (it was one or two people at first).  That was also the time that Darnelle (my partner at Mannabliss) and I were brought together to develop a meditation curriculum for behavioral health staff.  PS…Darnelle is an amazing yoga teacher, behavioral health therapist and clinical supervisor.  She had not had the exposure to Bhakti or the language of energy, which I shared with her along the way and she picked up so easily (because her asana practice has completely prepared her for it!) One evening when chanting together, I finally got the call!!! I was told (in meditation) loud and clear that it was time to gather the troops.  I understood that we should have an event and invite folks over.  Another great characteristic of Darnelle is that she is an instant manifester.  She put together an invitation within the next few days and we had our first event that same month (November 2013) which was a huge success.  We had over 60 people show up.  Our events from the inception have followed a pattern.  We have a potluck dinner together (communing over food), learn about a consciousness and spirit raising practice (from a community practitioner), and close with 1-2 hours of Kirtan/Bhajan (the singing mantras and the names of the Divine which is a key component to my devotional practice). All of our events are donation based for the practitioners (for Darnelle and I it has been purely service work with no monetary gain).  That was almost three years ago.  Since our first event, we have held events almost every month (sometimes several times a month and more recently weekly). In addition to hosting local practitioners and Kirtan musicians, we now also, from time to time, host nationally known folks.  But most importantly we have developed a community.  My house is fairly large and it turned into an ashram of sorts, our spiritual hub for the community to reside in.  I learned that many of the over a thousand folks in our area that we have gotten to know all felt a draw to move to our community in recent years in pursuit of their spiritual journey.  Lucky for me that Darnelle and I opened our doors at that exact moment (if one can call that luck…..I call it Divine guidance).  Through my home and our events, we have been able to set the stage for folks to play in the wonderful energy of love and bliss and to realize their true potential.  Not one person that has come through our doors has not immediately felt the charge of energy. It is an instant, “aha, I get this and I want more!” More than ever, we became aware that by acknowledging our Divine nature, expressing it, honoring it and its Source, we have created an environment of healing and growth.

We came to more fully understand that much of our suffering comes from not addressing the needs of our spirit and from acting out of alignment to our true Divine nature. Our question then became how to help more people connect to this lovely beautiful way of being. A year ago, when brainstorming ideas, we decided that there were already so many centers, healers, and practitioners out there, but that we were working in silos and that nobody knew where to find us.  We also felt that although there are many practitioners and paths, we are missing a unified community as well as a unified message and platform or mechanism to find us. That is how Mannabliss was born: a website and a magazine designed to showcase our resources, learn from each other, and gather as one big movement with a unified message and voice.  We were always clear that Mannabliss is about making spirituality and consciousness mainstream and accessible.  We don’t have to go in a cave for ten years to find it, or change our diet, or change our religion or style of dress or do anything that is outside of the norm. We prescribe seven values (which you will see in the next few pages) that are simple to keep.  We feel that spirituality should be accessible to all of us however we choose to express and connect to a practice and to the Divine.  Although you may see us or others choosing to express our spiritual practice with certain music, or scriptures, or practices or attire, we believe that there is enough room for limitless diversity in the spirit world (some dance their devotion, some pray, some play music, some teach, some meditate).  The common ground is we all LOVE!!!  We all agree to be compassionate. We all agree that we believe and serve in a Divine Source.  We all agree to engage in a spiritual practice of choice, to not engage in judgment of another’s path and to not engage in acts, thoughts or behaviors that are harmful to others or our planet (check out our values for a full explanation of what we stand for).


We invite you to join us in our mission and our community.  As a Mannabliss movement member, we encourage you to:

  1. Post articles on our website and submit them for consideration for publication
  2. List yourself on our website as a yoga studio, healer, conscious business and/or movement member. List your classes and events.
  3. Start a forum or group
  4. List your events or classes
  5. Share or information with your friends and invite them to join

Together we can and will make this earth into the magical playground it was intended to be.  Welcome to our Mananbliss Movement.  I am sending you all so much love!!!



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