Dear Mannabliss Members,

These last few months have been filled with so much intensity. From our election process, to what is going on at Standing Rock, the announcement of our new president and personally for me…Chant4Change….so much has occurred. We attempt to address these major events in this issue from a place of spirit and consciousness.

But I think we also have to ask “why is this happening, is there an opportunity within all of this chaos, and what is the opportunity?”

For Mannabliss and our members (you included), I believe that we have a gigantic opportunity. It is only in a greatly disrupted environment that great change can occur. So….hmmm…we have the disruption. Maybe everything that doesn’t serve humanity is coming to the surface and becoming visible so that we can work through it.

I think of my own path to healing and the biggest gift I ever get is each time I get to experience and see myself acting from a place of non-love or to see where I am fragmented. A good look in the mirror sometimes hurts (my first instinct is always to close my eyes and run…lol) but it’s the biggest opportunity I get. The truth is, up until the time of looking in the mirror, the warts are there (and have always been there) but we can’t work on them because we don’t see them and experience them as something ugly and unwanted. We go unaware of the problems. It is in seeing that we get the chance to cringe/recoil/etc and as a result,…..change.

We are all now beyond aware of how fragmented and unwell the world is and we are seeing all of the dysfunction more and more clearly. We are waking up to the truth of the messy predicament we are in. This disruption leaves room for more of us than ever to ask how we can fix this and also allows folks that would never have wanted change to begin to explore folks and ideas of a different way of life.

At the same time more and more of us have awakened to our personal Divine nature and our Divine power.

At the same time more and more of us have awakened to our personal Divine nature and our Divine power. We have done so through different means that we have studied and now many of us are qualified teachers of consciousness and spirit through a multitude of modalities.

Because of this….We are the opportunity.

We have the tools to wake people up, to expand consciousness and connect people to spirit. And I am not thinking that we all have go out there and become professional healers…quite the opposite. I believe we should be healers in the traditional work space (whether we are housekeepers, bankers, nurses, executives, etc.). There is never going to be enough of a demand for so many of us to be employed as official healers because the people that tend so search us out are our own movement. The rest of the world is who needs us and they don’t know we are here, nor would they come looking for us en masse.

The most likely place we will find these folks that need our services is in traditional work and living environments. And what if each of us volunteers 2-4 hours a week to offer a free group or a few free individual services, and do so in such a subtle way that folks won’t be scared to come and explore the practice? Kind of like our first yoga class where we thought we were going to get physically in shape and then a few months later somehow we were magically transformed and didn’t know how it happened. Whether it’s meditation, reiki, yoga, breathwork, sound healing or another modality, we have the ability to share a powerful tool for shifting consciousness. And let me not forget to talk about the children. We need to teach our children while they are young!!! Our own children of conscious parents are already being allowed the space to know themselves. But that isn’t enough. We need a shift in a critical mass. Let’s volunteer our services to schools and after school programs. Let’s bring meditation, values, yoga, sound healing and more to the children who have been born carrying the burden of their parents, ancestors and their environments. We cannot let another generation suffer our same fate of losing themselves in the Maya of suffering.

We need to teach also the ignorant perpetrators of great harm. Most folks that harm are more blind to what is happening and more lost in the Maya than the rest of us. We can never win my preaching to those folks. But we can elevate the vibration of these beings through the ancient techniques we were gifted with, so that higher energies can come through and we can break the illusion and grip of lower frequency energies.

But we must learn to be subtle. No need for talk. We can simply breath or move or drum with folks. We can laugh and care and model the way. Curiosity as to how someone has discovered peace and joy leads folks to self questioning and discovery and is a much powerful then hearing someone else tell you their foreign sounding truth.

So I leave you with this message as a call to action. I am being called as well. Mannabliss is a result of such calling. I will do exactly what I am asking you to join me in. Let’s get out there, give of ourselves and share our gifts without folks who need it the most. Start a lunch time yoga offering at your work…..go to a community center and offer a meditation class.  And remember, we have a great opportunity….YOU are it!!!


Sending you so much love and constant wishes for your happiness and wellbeing.



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