Blessings Mannabliss movement members,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to check out our magazine. First, I’d like to help you understand what we are trying to accomplish by giving you some backstory. It started a few years ago when Vivian and I went to the Menla Meditation Center in upstate New York for a meditation and chanting weekend with Krishna Das and Sharon Salzberg. This single retreat was incredibly transformative on many levels, but the most important and profound of these was a message Viv received in one of her meditations stating simply, “IT IS TIME.”  We interpreted this as it being time to bring our South Florida community, our movement, together.  We started hosting events at the house and opened it up to anyone who felt called to join in love and spirit. The events typically had someone leading kirtan or mantra and someone guiding the group through a meditation or other healing modality. We love to eat, so each gathering also had a delicious ever-evolving buffet table. Week after week, the gatherings were beautiful and always different, but there was one thing that held constant throughout: there was a VIBRATION.  It was a vibration of LOVE.  It didn’t matter what was happening around us or what we were saying to each other; beneath every moment, there was a feeling and energy swirling around all of us that made us feel loved and deeply cared for by each person in the room, and that allowed us to feel completely open to loving and caring for everyone who walked through the doors to join our movement.

That sense of connection is what has kept this momentum of our mission. We want to share with anyone who is interested that there is a vibration of Love that you can tap into in various different ways Love that you can tap into in various different ways and allow to carry you through this journey of life. We are continuously exploring different teachings and modalities to help us cope with the ups and downs of this human experience and it is our hope to share them with you. We are not here to heal you or promise you anything. We have simply realized that sharing this energy and being with this community is powerful, and we want to share that with you. This community and the vibration we tap into together elevate my spirit and raise my consciousness of what we came into this life to do.

There are many people suffering and going through the “self-help” route of trying to find ways to ease their pain. They go to yoga classes or try meditations or traditional “talk” therapies. I hear so often from these people that they need more. With our beautiful group of writers, we have woven together, in a fun and playful way, an array of diverse topics with endless information to share with you. From mindful parenting to healthy eating, to yoga and meditation practices, to holistic medicine, gardening, healing music, healthy products, essential oils, children’s curriculum and so much more, we hope to share with you information that you can us. Everything that resonates with us on any level, we are sharing with you.

We realize that we are all Spiritual beings having a Human experience. Although we are interconnected energetically, we respond differently to circumstances and situations because of our conditioning and chemistry. We realize that not everyone will connect to everything. There are many roads to this path. It is our mission to offer you many different ways to achieve BLISS. We invite you to explore whatever resonates with you. Collectively we have a lot of work to do to heal our planet and all beings that live here. But the first step is tapping into this vibration of Love so that you can feel connected to your life and its purpose. I humbly bow down to you on your journey. We are here to support you in any way we can. We are MANNABLISS.


Darnelle Quinn



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