Blessings and Love to our Mannabliss members of LOVEolutionaries,

Words cannot express my level of Gratitude to exist in this time and space with each and every one you. I am overwhelmed in the most humbled and Joy-filled way that the time has come for the change each of our souls came to this Earth to help usher in. I have always known deep within me that one of my purposes on this planet is to help expose the Light that is the Truth of our existence. Before I had any of the vocabulary to understand many of the concepts within this magazine or had connected with fellow movement members who shared my vision of this world, I knew the Truth of the Infinite Love that I felt surrounding me and carrying me through every day. Beyond that, I knew that I wanted to show others that Love too. When I began to truly listen to the signs around me, to fully trust my intuition and dive into every crevice that the Universe was leading me into, my world exploded in ways that I didn’t even know were possible ~ finding Vivian and Darnelle was one of those magical explosions. From the moment they shared their Mannabliss vision with me, I knew something transformative was on its way.  I truly cannot put into words how honored I feel to be here with you and for us to create this LOVEolution together!

Throughout the past several years of my spiritual journey, I have been blessed to have communed with thousands of our movement members all over this country and have seen and felt first hand how deep and true connecting to the vibration that we are all made of ~ LOVE ~ can be to completely transforming one’s life. I have come to understand this experience of life on Earth as Life in Eden. Eden, or Paradise/Heaven on Earth, is not a place of the past, nor is it a place to dream of reaching in the future. Eden is here, Eden is now, Eden is Earth itself.

We are in Eden in every moment of every day, if only we make the choice to be. When we disillusion ourselves from the Truth of what and who we are and when we disconnect from the Divine, we ourselves leave Eden on our own free will.

Of course, we came to this Earth in human form for a reason, and part of the human journey at times can bring suffering, disconnect and disillusion of Truth. It is our dream for Mannabliss to serve as a guide in these changing times to help every single one of us remember who we are, what we are made of and what we are here to do. There are many beings suffering in this world that don’t need to be. Society can at times build layers within us of fear, worry, unclarity and distress. When we allow ourselves to live in those vibrations, we are disconnecting from Eden and the vibration that allows every day to be filled with Peace, Joy and Bliss.

In the Mannabliss movement, we are constantly finding new ways to connect to one another and to our highest selves. With modalities and practices from around the world to guide us, we have joined together to help lift each other in Love. We know this journey through Eden can have many twists and turns, and it is our hope and wish that by creating the Mannabliss Medicine for the Soul magazine and our online community, we can come together to help one another and in turn to help the world.

We believe and know deeply that we can experience Heaven on Earth every day of our lives by remembering the Source of Love that we are made of ~ by connecting with the Bliss that is the underlying vibration of all of Creation. We have the ability built into our systems to bring ourselves to Eden with every breath we take, and we can’t wait to continue breathing into this magical space with you.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. Thank you for bringing your beautiful Light and authentic self into this incredible world. May we each dive deeper into Love in every moment. The LOVEolution is here and now! We Are Mannabliss!!!!

In Love & Gratitude,
Arielle Moskow


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