All of the healing we are doing here on this Earth physically, energetically and emotionally is to prepare the way for future generations.  We at Mannabliss are very dedicated to leaving this planet in this lifetime in better shape than when we arrived.  The children are our future.  We take that responsibility seriously. We need to re-wild our children: to unplug them from TVs and electronics and to help them find their innate wisdom and communication with nature and the universe.  We are committed to bringing conscious parenting techniques to our readers to help them infuse their children’s lives with lessons and practices to help tap their children into the energies and vibrations of this planet and beyond.


Mannabliss headquarters are in South Florida.  We have very mild seasons here.  While we miss the changing of leaves and snow, we get sunny beach weather that is ideal for butterflying.

As a child, I was mesmerized by butterflies and would watch them float around my yard and life with their effortless and magical flight. I dreamt of touching one or tried so desperately to will one to land on me.

When I became a parent, I decided that we needed to have butterfly plants in our yard. I bought a few Milkweeds, waited for days, and nothing. Then after about couple weeks I started to see  butterflies sporadically visiting the plants and I was excited. Still no sign of caterpillars though.  After some time, I noticed the plants were getting holes in the leaves.  Upon further close observation, I saw tons of caterpillars of various sizes all over the plants. Within DAYS the plants were all chewed up and I needed to wild search to purchase more *organic milkweeds.

*Why Organic? Milkweed from your local hardware store potentially has pesticides on them.  If you find an organic market that sells them, it is more likely that the butterflies and caterpillars will successfully hatch and survive.

Then these big fat juicy caterpillars were crawling off the the plant.  I would find little green cocoons with golden threads swirled around them all over the yard.  It was like an Easter egg hunt.

My children got very involved the whole process  as well. We talked about life cycles and transformation. Not all the cocoons survive, so we needed to discuss life and death, which is a very healthy conversation to have with children.   We also talked about the environmental implications of butterfly gardening. The Monarchs and many other species are endangered because of the chemicals and pesticides people choose to use in their yards.  So we were helping a species continue to stay alive and continue to thrive on our beautiful sacred planet.

When my children have a moment when they are agitated or whiny or angry, I would redirect them to come with me outside to check for baby caterpillars.  Sometimes this doesn’t work right away.  But I would just go out in the yard and sit on the Earth.  I was no longer engaging their energy or emotions.  As I sit and breathe, I connect to Earth below, to the sky above.   At first, you don’t see much.  Until you tap into that vibration, those little baby caterpillars are hiding in plain sight.  It’s like one of those abstract paintings, where you need to relax your mind and shift your perception to be able to see. And then… magic… they are everywhere.  Once this becomes part of your routine and family’s rhythm, the children tend to fall in line and look forward to the distraction from their heavy emotions.

When butterflies hatch from their cocoons and their wings dry, you are able to hold them and only by allowing them to crawl on your hands, not touching their delicate wings.  Once they fly away, you will know that you are helping the species stay alive… you are doing your part to restore the ecosystem.

It is like having another family pet.  You can let them just stay in the yard or create a lantern or terrarium around them.

Find a lantern, glue or fasten screen to the top.   Put a paper towel at the bottom to catch the poop (the do poop a lot, but it’s just digested leaves).  Find a little shot glass fill it with water and plastic wrap over the top.  Put a few branches of milkweed and caterpillars in the lantern.  Continue to replace the milkweed and change the paper towel daily until the caterpillars cocoon.  Then wait about a week or so and the cocoon will turn black and transparent and your caterpillars will hatch into beautiful butterflies.  Give them about 12 hours for their wings to dry.  Gently take them outside and release them.

This whole process brings immense joy and love to our family.  I hope you enjoy try it and feel the magic and wonder for yourselves.

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Happy Butterflying!!!


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