Our bodies ~ physical, emotional, mental, spiritual ~ are interwoven and each layer can feed off of the next. When we are weak in one area for one reason or another, the others often take a hit, too. I’ve been experiencing some things in my physical body recently that have, at moments, affected other parts of my experience. Earlier this week, I found myself in an emotional hole of sorts, the human kind that we all move through, grow through and become better versions of self because of. Unlike the usual “me” that I’m used to walking through life with, I was hit with thoughts of “purposeless-ness” ~ a bit of a foreign feeling, but one that I have certainly felt and transmuted before, and one that I know so many understand. I couldn’t place the why, because I can always feel and see purpose all around me [L-o-v-e], yet at the same time, I had no control over this dark cloud that was sitting on my chest taking away the clarity I’m so used to having and my ability to easily breathe. I knew the feeling would pass so I honored it for being a teacher of empathy and understanding, and I leaned on the tools I’ve accumulated in my practices to crack open my heart and let the Light in again. Eventually, 48 hours after I had found myself crying for no reason and shadowed by some heavy clouds, those tears turned to the Joyful kind. What was the ultimate medicine that saved me? Looking at the Light within the eyes of every stranger whose path crossed my own. Recognizing the deepest Truth I live by ~ that we are here to be Love incarnate ~ and that if just keep doing that, we will always find the right stones to step on and waves to ride. Sometimes the gestures we make are grand ones that epically change the course of humanity, but more often they are the smallest ones that inspire the most growth. One smile with a stranger, or simple eye contact that reminds us that we are one in the same. Energy in human form experiencing and coming to understand itself.

Every day we have the choice as to how we wish to show up for this world. Some days we might have everything to give and thus we might have the chance to change the forecast by huge means. But some days, the greatest purpose we have is simply to let ourselves be and receive that spark of Light ~ to remind our brothers and sisters that they are not alone, that they are seen and understood, that we are all connected by something no words can quite conceptualize…

Thank you all for being my beautiful sparks. 💫 You are worth so much to this world simply because you are you, and you are the only you that there will ever be..

I am so grateful to Love You. I know no other purpose and there is none other I could ever wish for.



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