Channeling involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness.

“All of the suffering is here to help us learn lessons for our soul’s evolution.  I also got a glimpse of what the afterlife could be.”


Jennifer Forman is an amazing healer who is able to channel energetic messages from soul to soul whether the body is alive or transitioned. These connections create opportunity for understanding, healing and deeper love for each person.  As you channel you build a bridge to the higher realms — a loving, caring, purposeful collective higher consciousness that has been called God, the All-that-Is, or the Universal Mind…. Channeling involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness.”  To achieve this expanded state of consciousness, channelers usually meditate, trying to break free of worldly influences and tune into a higher consciousness.

I remember my first experience with Jennifer.  My mom was dying of stage 4 lung cancer about 5 years ago.  I was living with her at the time.  Being along for the ride of someone who is struggling for their life is quite the heart-wrenching journey.  I was telling a close friend and wonderful woman’s health healer about it, Lisa Kelly (owner of the Red Tent in Boca Raton, Fl), and she urged me to come to the Women’s Soul Connection at the Red Tent.  I felt compelled to go, even though I didn’t understand what I was in for.  My preconceived thoughts about a psychic or a medium was that she would be a little old lady with long silvery-grey hair hunched over a crystal ball – pretty much right out of snow-white or Hansel and Gretel.

When Jennifer entered the room, she was my age (which is youngish) and beautiful.  She radiated light.  She greeted everyone very pleasantly and then sat down to give a message. I was very nervous, I remember.  I listened to the message for the evening which pretty much just set the tone for the gathering.   Then people were able to randomly ask to call in the soul of someone, living or passed on, and Jen closed her eyes and took a deep breath and began.  I found it so interesting and I kept my eyes open and was examining her while she started to speak.  Her rate and pattern of speech changed, her tone of voice changed, the words that she used were different and her breath altered as she was tapping into whichever being she was calling in.  I was slightly skeptical but very intrigued.

I remember raising my hand and asking to go next rather quickly during that nights gathering.  I needed to get it over with so that my anxiety could subside.   She asked me my mother’s name, closed her eyes, and began.  I did not record “word for word” what she said that day, but a couple of important messages came to me that I will always remember.

One thing that my mother’s higher self said “all of these fucking people asking me how I feel, how do you think I feel, I’m dying” Which was powerful to hear.  I felt tears streaming down my cheeks, I wasn’t sobbing but it was an extreme consistent release for me. Another message from my mom that night was “distract me, don’t talk to me about my deteriorating body, don’t talk about my illness or how I feel.  Read to me, watch movies with me, talk to me about anything that doesn’t remind me of my physical body.”

This was very powerful for me, because that was all I did.  She was my patient, I was taking her to her doctor’s appointments, checking in with her in the morning, fixing her food (which she never liked and barely ate) Those words shifted our relationship in those last months of her life.  I stopped trying to fix her and found joy in just being with her.  It was profoundly healing for me and our soul’s connection to each other.  It was the catalyst to help heal the karmas that we needed to in this lifetime together.

Once Jennifer was done with the reading, she took time to process the message with each person.  In the moment, there is a lot to hear and lot of emotions to take in.

She wants to make sure that the person who is asking for clarity gets what they are looking for and to see if message(s) resonated with them.  Exhale.

For the rest of the night, my eyes were closed and I held space for the other 20 people there.  I heard about relationships, estranged, passed on, spirit guides, higerr selves, siblings, parents, children.   And as I listened to different people’s experiences, I realized they were similar to mine.  Although I wasn’t the one asking for the guidance in that moment, I heard messages of relationship to that rang true to my own experiences, not just with my mom but other people in my life and over my lifetime. It highlighted for me the universal truth that we are all one.

That we are all on this planet facing some type of suffering.  No one is escaping it.   All of the suffering is here to help us learn lessons for our soul’s evolution.  I also got a glimpse of what the afterlife could be.   It was an extremely exhilarating experience.  I remember going home that night and lying in bed and feeling every cell in my body vibrating.

Since this Soul Connection at the Red Tent, I have sat with Jennifer about 10 more times (give or take) and each time the message helps to fill my soul up and give me what I need to continue on my journey and complete my dharma in this life.   I honor what she does.  I honor the skill she has developed and her willingness to help others with this gift.

– Darnelle Quinn


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