“When we recognize someone, it always has purpose and that purpose likely has to do with some work you need to accomplish together in this lifetime, either for each other, or for others.”


  1. When you meet them you are immediately attracted to who they are. For those who are more sensitive to energy, we usually see them as a very bright light or feel a positive or perked up shift in energy internally when in their presence.
  1. You instantly love them and the feeling is reciprocated. For me, it’s always a love at first sight with my soul family (in a spiritual way, rather than romantic, although when I was younger I did get confused once or twice and think it must be attraction). Sometimes the person is aware of the meaning of the connection and other times they only know they like being around you. Sometimes one person may have the initial recognition while the other person remains unaware until the relationship develops a little further. That may be due to different levels of sensitivity a person has. Ultimately though, within a short period time it becomes a reciprocated “I just love her/him” relationship.
  1. There is a natural ease in conversation, sense of familiarity and deep connection. You will find it easy to talk to your soul family. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and it is uncomfortable, anxiety provoking, or feels like you can’t think of anything to say? Well, that is not the case with a soul family member that you are supposed to be connecting with. Conversation, instead, will feel right. You will likely feel more present, at ease, may feel a sense of familiarity and will likely connect deeply.
  1. You find that there are only a few degrees of separation between yourself and your soul family. Upon talking you will find that you will share friends, teachers, practices and/or belief systems. Our soul family travels in packs from lifetime to connections and family members. I seem to always run into folks from my spiritual lineage no matter where I am or I discover we have the same friends and didn’t know it or know each other until this moment.
  1. The relationship serves to help each other or others grow, heal, learn and support the spiritual journey. If you find yourself to be a better person as a result of knowing your soul family member, and/or that together you are able to do wonderful things for others or this planet, that is a tell tale sign that the relationship was spiritually predestined.


As per what I learned from the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, when we experience this recognition, we should not take it lightly. This recognition has to do with other lifetimes we have shared with the person. When we recognize someone, it always has purpose, and that purpose likely has to do with some work you need to accomplish together in this lifetime, either for each other, or for others.  So when you see light or feel love or excitement for someone new that comes into your life, I usually like to say, “welcome home brother/sister”.  Having said that, I do prescribe to the understanding that we are all one family and one soul family.  However, we are drawn to certain people because those are the folks that help us complete our life’s work and vice versa. Sending love!!!

~ Premananda



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