“We are all working towards something. It’s really about digging low inside of yourself and cultivating that spark. It’s not your business to judge it or decide how good it is. It’s your business to keep that calling yours- allowing your core to be open and protected, aware of the things that give you life. Because each one of us has a unique expression.”   – Ganga Sheth





Wild Mudra is an eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind clothing and accessory line by Ganga Sheth, who explains, “the philosophy is that through beauty, creativity and community, I am creating a difference. It stops becoming about the clothes I’m wearing and more about the reason behind the clothes, the giving back – it’s something bigger than me and what I’m able to imagine.”

And it is much bigger than her and her pieces indeed. To create these one of a kind gems for Wild Mudra, Ganga and her family refurbish modern fashion with traditional fabrics and embellishments that they collect worldwide. They take pride in the story behind each piece and exactly where the parts came from – when you choose to adorn yourself with Wild Mudra, you can trace the magic all the way back to India or Thailand and a traditional villager who wove the beautiful fabric together.

“It’s clothing with meaning – clothing with purpose.” At the root of the exquisite expressions created and sold by Wild Mudra lies incredible hearts. Beyond their conscious business, Ganga and her sister take the time and effort to give back to the communities they visit. They have created a gofundme to send blankets and warm clothes to the most spiritually rich village in India, Vrindivan, a “hub of Divine Love.” As huge advocates of girls education and animal protection, they also founded Love Handles, a project that allows them to sponsor two girls from a school in Vrindivan to get an education and gives back to a cow shelter.


We are honored and proud to support Wild Mudra, a conscious business in every sense of the word. To shop Wild Mudra, and to keep up to date with Ganga’s Odissi Dance, Yoga, Breathwork, Retreats and more, check out Ganga’s instagram here!




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