Patagonia is a business that is just about as conscious as they come! Their mission is to “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis” and they use their business as a platform to do just that. With their love for the outdoors and the connectivity humans gain from spending time in nature, they fight to help save and preserve our dear planet. In addition to the incredible projects they devote time and effort to listed above, !t least 1% of their sales are donated to grassroots environmental groups worldwide working to sustain the home that sustains us. 🌍 On a much larger scale, Patagonia truly took the reins this past December when President Trump announced that he was taking federal protection away from over two million acres of land. They immediately took to action and announced they were taking a stand and intended to sue the administration, working to preserve these historical Native American lands. 🌄🙏🏼

When it comes to their products, they use recycled materials as often as possible and only organic cotton. They also work to reduce the by-product of their production as much as they can, looking for and creating more innovative ways to create their products and run their stores. They keep a mindful eye on how they treat their employees and assure that safe and fair labor practices are sound throughout the production chain. ♻

Patagonia prides themselves on the work they do to ensure sustainability wherever possible, including teaching others to do the same. In 2013, the company founded $20 Million and Change, “an internal fund to help like-minded, responsible start-up companies bring about positive benefit to the environment.” 🤲🏽

Thank you Patagonia for taking accountability for the social and environmental responsibility you hold and helping to lead the way towards preserving the planet that sustains us! 🌎💞


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