Conscious Business Alert!!! 🚨✨💜 Shout out to Method for serving as global leaders, “people against dirty,” on a mission to not only clean our homes, but also our dear planet and the way business is done. Their products are formulated from naturally derived ingredients, thus safe for people and pets, and they believe in full transparency with consumers on exactly what that means and how they make it a reality. The scale is already tipped in the direction of awesomeness through what they manufacture, and to add to it, they ensure that in doing so, they’re doing the best possible for our planet. 🌎 Method headquarters is a certified green building from over 96% reused/recycled materials! 🏢🌱 Through their “method cares” program, their employees spend at least three days out of the year giving back to local communities, truly taking assertive action to make a change. 💕 Through and through, method is a conscious business that we can count on, on a mission to make this world better for us all! Thank you Method for all that you do!!!!! We support you, supporting our planet and every single one of us! 😍👏🏼

Do you know a company truly walking the walk to be the change in this world? Let us know and recommend them for listing on our conscious business directory @!!! 💚


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