Feet, root strong.
Legs, stay heavy.
House me deep in Earth,
grounded and steady

Hips be liquid
Freely flow, freeze or float.
Create within me
Some Pleasure… Pain… Both.

Core blaze my sloth,
Burn it into fuel
Ignite passion’s pyre.
Transform me. Renew.

Heart fill with air.
Expand beyond what’s there.
Inhale receive, Exhale conceive
that every breath is Love we share.

Throat sing with truth
Let no lies pass your gate.
Make my words resound
when I communicate

Mind open
See the unseen
Intuition sharpen
Guide me in-between

Crown shine your light
Illuminate. Restore
my connection with “divinity”
I am separate no more.

~ Vance Vlasek ~


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