4 Questions To Determine If You Are A Lovelutionary

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18 April, 2019

1. LOVE & COMPASSION:Do you walk the path of love and compassion? Do you deeply care about our earth and our people and want the best them?

2. SERVICE & ACTIVISM:Do you take an active role in one or more activities or organizations that work towards bettering our world? Are you helpful and kind to those who come across your path?

3. CONSCIOUS CONSUMERISM:Do you operate, work at, champion or support conscious businesses?(businesseswith a heart; businesses that are doing good for their customers, employees, communities and the world. For more on the principles of conscious business please visit: mannabliss.com/about-us/the-cb6/)

4. SHARING OF KNOWLEDGE:Are you interested in, spend time exploring and engage in sacred and conscious living practices? Do you enjoy sharing this knowledge with others?

If you answered yes to all of the above, YOU ARE A LOVEOLUTIONARY!!!We welcome you to join our community of LOVEolutionaries! Let’s organize. Together we can and will make a difference!!

And if you are in Delray, we are opening our first center this May. Please visit us Casa Mannabliss!! www.casamannabliss.com



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