CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP IS GREAT LEADERSHIP! The measures of great leadership according to every article and study I have reviewed, which are many, match perfectly with the concept of conscious leadership. Below is a summary of skills exemplified by our great (and conscious) leaders.

A great leader has a mission, vision and a higher purpose (as you often hear me say….making profits is not a mission, vision, or higher purpose…profitability is the bi-product of good business). Great leaders believe the product or services they are offering add meaning and value to their consumers and to the world. They have a strong desire to be the best and to do the best by everyone they touch. A great leader is a visionary. Their visions are typically large. They can see way into the future and envision their company’s greatness. They take the time to study and develop their competence and area expertise and are committed to continuously learning and staying ahead of the curve, because they are passionate about what they do. They are driven, focused, and committed to their work. They excel in strategic planning, have a strong understanding of business and finance, are able to engage in complex problem solving, great decision making, and are able to carry out their plans. A good leader is also honest, ethical, has integrity and great moral standards. (According to a recent study of Top 10 leadership qualities, 195 global leaders were asked to rate 74 leadership qualities and the highest ranked leadership quality was high ethical and moral standards.)

Great leaders are creative, innovative, positive, optimistic and excited about what they do. They are confident, courageous and unafraid to take risks and make difficult decisions. There is no room for fear and self-doubt in great leadership. Fear is what holds everyone back from being who they are intended to be and living in their greatness. Therefore, you cannot have fear or doubt and be a great leader. Great leaders also have a strong sense of responsibility and accountability not only for themselves but for their staff, consumers, company and community, feeling personally responsible and accountable for the wellbeing of all. They are compassionate and truly care about everyone and everything they touch. They have intellect, as well as emotional and social intelligence.

Another important skill set of a great leader is adaptability. Leaders must be flexible to change when things aren’t working or are in need of improvement. Flexibility and adaptability also includes cognitive flexibility, which means that they are open to new ideas and that they have the self-awareness to change if their position, ideas or behaviors are not working. Great leaders roll with the punches, embrace and learn from their mistakes, weaknesses, failures and setbacks, remaining calm, and logical even in the most difficult of situations. They learn to manage their stress and do not take their stress out on others. They know to be comfortable with and expect the unexpected (and in my opinion this is especially important with new projects because nothing ever goes as planned!!!). Adaptability also means that great leaders are constantly analyzing and measuring performance and changing based on such measurements, to ensure continuous improvement. As their market changes, great leaders are not afraid (and know) to reinvent themselves to remain relevant.

My personal belief and what every study I look at includes at the top of their lists of great leadership traits, is inspiration. GREAT LEADERS INSPIRE!!! It takes everyone’s buy in to make a company great. Inspiration is what motivates investors, staff, consumers, and the general public. Inspiration comes from a leader’s mission, vision and passion, which ignites the passion of their staff and stakeholders.

The success of a company depends on the buy in of the staff. Staff that are inspired, motivated and feel good about their work, perform better, stick around longer and become your greatest sales people. Great leaders do more than inspire and motive though. They encourage their staff to be creative, take responsibility and have a meaningful role in serving the mission of the company. They mentor, coach, teach and guide staff to be better and foster an environment of growth, providing ample opportunities for continued learning. They provide constant feedback and praise/reward great staff performance. They share their successes with staff and take responsibility for staff failures. They make their staff feel safe, heard, cared for, give them a sense of belonging, and feeling of being part of a team and a larger mission. Great leaders inspire the trust of their staff because they are trustworthy. They connect with their staff and build a real caring relationships. They create an environments where people are proud to work. Great leaders are skilled at establishing a culture of greatness. They uplift their staff (and needless to say…they refrain from engaging in harmful communication or behaviors). They invest in wellness of their employees and promote work life balance. They make balanced financial and business decisions that are well thought out and are fair for their employees, consumers, and partners. They provide consistent and regular supervision with clear expectations, measures, planning and support. They have amazing team development skills, are able to delegate and understand their staff’s strengths and weaknesses, placing staff in positions where they can build upon their strengths. They foster autonomy, lead by example and empower and support their staff to grow and self-actualize.

Great leaders furthermore possess amazing communication and interpersonal skills, whether it’s one-on-one, departmental or and full staff communication, or public speaking. Communication skills include the ability to listen, articulate, speak clearly and concisely and facilitate group conversations. It includes non-verbal communication skills, body language, public speaking, and presentation skills. Interpersonal skills includes conflict management, understanding and responding to what motivates different people, meeting people where they are at and team building.

Lastly, great leaders get engaged in leadership and service in their communities and build connections with the external world. They build bridges and meaningful trusting and long lasting relationships with partners, vendors, other businesses, government, politicians, trade organizations, and community members and give back to their communities.

In summary, great leaders possess many skills. Stepping into the shoes of a great leader is a tall order. However, there are many programs, classes and opportunities to be mentored into great leadership if you are interested in honing your skills. Mannabliss is one option, should you want to learn more. We offer consulting and coaching services and are committed to supporting and growing conscious leadership and business practice in our world. For more information on leadership training, please email us at

Sending love and wishes for a beautiful weekend!
Vivian “Prema”


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