We are longtime listeners and lovers of the sounds and vibrations that eminate from the medicine musician Tina Malia (see our video interview with her on page 8 to get to know her wisdom-filled spirit and beautiful Light!) Her soft and deep renditions of the Gayatri Mantra and Jaya Bhagavan in particular are played every time we gather, and on my personal daily playlist, Kol Galgal, Ima Adama and Ek Ong Kar hold a deep space in my heart. When we heard about the emergence of her latest album “Anahata – Mantras for a Heart Wide Open,” which was inspired by her journey to Spain and  India, we couldn’t wait for our ears, and our hearts to listen.

The album starts with a soft, pure, powerful rendition of the Maha Mantra entitled Hare Krishna. From the first few moments of this song alone, I knew my heart was about to blown wide open indeed. Hare Krishna almost instantly took me straight to the center of my being, clearing away any density or non-peaceful vibrations on its way. Once I reached heart’s center, the energetic space where our human self and spirit self come together, I felt the Love, Bliss & Peace that is the essence of our soul truly merge with my body and mind. This powerful start of the Anahata journey allows us to be open enough to feel and understand the depth of the vibrations within the mantras to come. (Preliminary warning: you might find yourself playing Hare Krishna on repeat before continuing on ;).)

After the magic of Hare Krishna, it’s hard to imagine things getting even better, but indeed they do. Tina’s Moola Mantra and Hey Ma Durga begin to raise the beat and invite true Joy to overflow. Radhika’s Rickshaw contains no mantra or singing, but instead takes us on a journey through the sounds of India.  It serves as a bridge to the upbeat and soulful Rudra

Mantra, which contains the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. This prayer is meant to release us from the fear of attachment and liberate us to the Truth of immortality. On this journey of life, it is only after we have truly understood this Truth that we have the ability to deeply realize the magnificence of the Divine.

The journey continues as the two songs serve as a beautiful expresson of Awe and Wonder for the Supreme Force of Love that guides us in every moment. First, Wahe Guru, which translates to Wondrous Enlightener, slows and deepens the space around us. It allows us to feel the vastness of creation and Tina’s light and angelic voice invites us to find stillness within it. Next, Radhe continues with a delicate feminine feel full of sweet adoration for the Divine. It is only fitting on this perfectly crafted album that our journey to a heart wide open would continue with Tumi Bhaja Re, a mantra known as an expression of Love for the Divine. With it, expect a peaceful smile to find its way to your face as you feel like you are truly floating on clouds of Divine Love.

Just when I felt like the Love vibration couldn’t possibly get any stronger, Anandamayi closes the album with some of the deepest Bliss I have ever felt from a piece of music. This mantra to the Divine Feminine praises her Bliss, Consciousness, Truth and Supremity with all the Love collected from every moment and mantra before.

Tina Malia’s Anahata,  is without a doubt a journey to a heart wide open. This brilliant piece of musical literature is an experience unlike any I have ever felt before. If you are looking to clear pathways within and experience true Bliss, take this journey with Tina. It will not disappoint. You can find the album on iTunes, Spotify and

– Arielle Moskow


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