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Hi!  Thank you for joining us on our mission to create a better world. I am Vivian “Prema” Demille and am the founder of Mannabliss.  I am a woman, mother, daughter to two beautiful awesome children, attorney, entrepreneur, free thinker, activist, student, teacher, explorer of the mind and consciousness, soul sister to a giant family of choice (my Mannabliss family) and I am driven by spirit and a great desire to spread the message of love.

I have been committed to improving people’s lives for more over 25 years. In 1999, I became a founding member, director and officer of Chrysalis Health, where I am still a Board Member and shareholder, as well as the Chief Business Strategy Officer. (Chrysalis Health is a behavioral health organization that spans the state of Florida, serves over 30,000 children and adults and employs over 800 behavioral health professionals and paraprofessionals.) Along the way, my partners and I opened various additional companies dedicated to working with people with disabilities, diverting people from the criminal justice system and providing health and behavioral health services.   Additionally, I serve and have served as a board member on numerous non-profit boards, state trade organizations, state agency committees and local organizations and have engaged in tremendous amount of advocacy work. Educationally, I have a BA in Psychology and Sociology and a Juris Doctorate in Law.

In most recent years, I became passionate about conscious capitalism and how to embrace and implement the principals of conscious business in the work I do. I came to a realization that conscious business is business built on spiritual values.  I also learned that conscious business increases profitability of companies and workplace satisfaction, while doing good for this world and the people in it. As a result of my study and implementation of these practices, I developed a deep knowing that conscious businesses can and will change our world.

In addition to my business background, my spiritual journey began approximately twenty years ago, a few years after my start in business.  In my 20’s, I was already far more successful than I ever imagined myself to be. I also had a decent relationship, good friends, and the love of family.  I was working in an industry that I felt amazing about and was doing good for this world. Yet I wasn’t happy. I didn’t understand how I could have everything I was supposed to have in the American dream, yet I didn’t have peace.  This unsettling feeling took me on a spiritual journey which continues to evolve and which radically changed my life. On this journey, I found deep peace, magic, beauty, love, connection to all beings and this planet, and most importantly, connection to God (Great Spirit/All that Is).  Today I embrace all paths to spirit based on love and see them to be the same. However, my background, study, and practice, where my heart has most taken me to and where my spiritual values draw from are the principals of Yoga, Christianity, Buddhism, and Native American Traditions. I have spent much of my non-working life in service, spreading the message of spirit and love….teaching and studying, putting events together (small and large), and engaging folks in spiritual practice and love.  

So what does an entrepreneur, attorney, behavioral health professional, woman of spirit do to bring all of her knowledge and experience together?  I created, along with my friends, Mannabliss.

Mannabliss is the home for conscious people and conscious businesses.  It is a place where we can share information with each other, list and showcase businesses and people that are doing good for this world and find ways, together, to champion conscious and spiritual practices.  At Mannabliss we define being conscious as more than aware and awake. We define being conscious as aware, free thinking, thoughtful and caring people and businesses who base their decisions on love, compassion and spirit, and an understanding that our personal highest good is served by ensuring the highest good of our people and our planet.  

We welcome you to this movement, which we have labeled a Loveolution, because we believe that the revolution, evolution and solution we have all been looking for is grounded in love.

I look forward to hearing of the great work you all are doing and to sharing information with you about the businesses, people and activities we learn about along the way.  

Together we can and will make a difference.

I send you tons of love,

Vivian Prema Demille



Blessings.   They call me “Nelly.”  I am grateful for this life.  I feel blessed. It’s interesting all of the different roads life takes us on and it brings us here.  Now. I am a truth seeker. I have spent my time and energy trying to heal my own conditioning so that I can hold space for this time.   This is the LOVEolution. This is what we came to do. I am aware of where we are and how much work is left. I am honored to have the privilege to bring this platform and information to you.  I believe we are all, at our core, good people wanting a better way. Some people are discouraged by the nature of our environment, humanity or politics. I continuously do my work to keep myself healthy, grounded and tapped in on a personal level, so that I can do my part for the collective.   There is no time for complacency. I am inspired by the next generation. I will continue striving for a healthier more balanced way not just for myself, but for all. We owe it to the people who came before us and mostly to our children who will come after us. It is my passion to help educate people about simple ways that they can contribute towards a healthier world.   There are many ways you can join the LOVEolution. I encourage you to tap in and connect with whatever resonates. Together we make a difference.

I pledge to be a seeker of Love and Light and Truth. I am humbled by this path.   Having a personal practice for a couple decades has helped me continuously look at how I am showing up for myself, my loved ones, humanity and the impact we are having on this planet.

Loving and being part of this Mannabliss family uplifts me.   There is a power in being supported by a group of positive and conscious people.   All of us are always looking of ways to be more authentic. We lovingly hold space for each other to grow in the most beautiful ways.   As I look at all of the teachers and healers that are Mannabliss, I see my own reflection. I recognize that we are all doing our internal work, so that we can find a way to make a positive impact on this beautiful planet.

I am a yoga teacher, conscious mommy of 2, a wifey, a licensed therapist, yogi, sister, daughther, student and lover of life.  Delray Beach, Florida where I was born and raised. I attended the University of Florida and graduated with a major in Psychology. At UF, I met my future husband who, like my mother and her family, is from Panama. In college, I also discovered yoga.  I returned to South Florida where I earned a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. After graduation, I was hired as a Mental Health Counselor, by Chrysalis Health, where I still work. I am now a program director at Chrysalis Health and I helped to develop and train the Mindful Therapy Protocol.

During this time, my passion for yoga expanded and I earned my RYT 500.  I teach from a place of Love. I tap in and work with student’s energy to provide a place for them to heal themselves through their practice.   I ask to say and transmit whatever anyone needs to help them on their journey. My style is a dynamic blend of vinyasa yoga mixed with a intentions and mantras weaved throughout the flow, allowing students to leave the class knowing a little more about themselves and their karmic footprint on the world. Yoga informs my life at home, at work and at play. Yoga, meditation, and chanting are powerful tools on my journey.

In 2010, my whole world exploded and changed in the most profound way. Our son Jagger was welcomed into this world. A child changes everything and a new dimension of love and wonder is revealed. In 2014, our daughter, Kali, was born. These two tiny yogis are my greatest teachers. They help me re-discover the wonder all around me. They pull me into the present in such a grounded way, and then, connect me to all that is at the same time. I am blessed to be their mother.

While I am enjoying my journey and my blessings, I am driven to do more, to give more, to serve more. Mannabliss will to serve our community, uniting conscious truth seekers all over the world. Once we are connected we can start to shift our collective vibration and help to heal each other and Mother Earth.  Join the LOVEolution.



Blessings, my Loves! I am forever overwhelmed by the unbelievably beautiful blessing that is this sweet life on Earth. I have always felt a deep yearning in my heart to express Love towards those around me and to serve as a mirror of the Light that encompasses this wonder-filled existence.  While the truths that are now my reality have always been ingrained in my heart, it wasn’t until I felt a call to move back to my hometown of Delray Beach, FL in 2014 that I truly began to recognize them. Soon thereafter, my spirit was flooded with information that helped to expand my vocabulary and understanding of Consciousness ~ and my Awareness of all that is (which I now understand to be a forever~uncovering process). I stumbled into the yogic sciences and once I was able to experience the mind, body, spirit connection in its truest form, I realized I could never turn back. My life these days has become a constant search for and uncovering of Truth – which I now know to exist from the center of our hearts. My studies have taken me through trainings in Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga (RYT 200 hours from Sacred Sounds Yoga in NY, NY,) Aerial Yoga (at Defy Gravity Yoga in Delray Beach, FL,) Kundalini Yoga (RYT 200 hours from The Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA,) as well as different types of meditation, Sanskrit and Vedic Astrology. I have also recently had the blessing to step into the service of welcoming new souls to this Earth plane by becoming a birth and post-partum doula.

Through my wonder-filled dance of the spiritual path alongside teachers & believers of many different faiths & practices, I have been guided to understand that the essence of every practice points towards the same Truth: Love is All. I have also come to understand that the greatest teacher any of us can ever have exists within the center of our own heart.

Prior to landing deeply on the yogic path, I lived and studied in New York City, graduating with honors from New York University. With a Bachelors of Science in Media, Culture and Communication and a minor in Producing, I spent my time in NYC working within different aspects of television and media. These days, I spend most of my time in Encinitas, CA, but travel back often to our sweet nest in Delray Beach, FL. I am beside myself with Honor and Gratitude to be taking this journey with each and every one of you and cannot express in words the Love I feel in my soul for you and this unbelievably wonderful life in Eden! Thank you for joining the LOVEolution and walking beside us on our journey towards a Love filled and fueled world!



Muktananda is a disciple of enlightened spiritual master Sai Maa, who gave him his name. He has also studied with several masters of personal and organizational transformation. He is the founder of PaVima, LLC where he leads seminars and workshops for people who wish to live more conscious and purposeful lives. He is a co-founder of Casa Mannabliss, and a Director of The Awakened Heart Foundation helping leaders create heart-centered organizations. He has consulted with organizations and facilitated transformational workshops on four continents. His latest book Conscious Awakening: A Journey into Light shares his journey of spiritual awakening and the lessons he learned in the process.


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