A tribe/soul family is a family of choice that selects each other to walk through some portion of or all of life with. We are here to love each other, support each other and assist in each other’s evolution. Having a tribe is foundational to staying healthy and centered, especially during these turbulent times. Your tribe should be selected based on the sense of recognition and the feeling of purity of intention in the friendship. Make time to commune with your tribe often so that you can keep each other fortified. Identify yourself as a tribe/soul family. As tribe members, each member should strive to:

1. Ensure your tribe always feels supported and feels your unconditional love and compassion…show up fully and authentically!!!
2. Serve as a kind and gentle mirror to reflect truth and help your tribe members grow/evolve.
3. Celebrate your tribe members triumphs.
4. Pick up the pieces and do the heavy lifting when your tribe members are too sick or hurt to do it themselves.
5. Holds a space of constant love through any tribe member’s suffering.
6. Do your best to protect your tribe members from harm.
7. Find plenty of opportunities to connect, laugh, share, love, commune and serve together.


Note from the author:

“To my beautiful awesome soul family/my tribe:

Thank you for the joy, beauty and meaning you have brought to my life. There is never a moment where I feel alone. Your love envelopes me always. I am eternally grateful and in service to and for your highest good. Love you to the moon and back and everywhere in between.



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