Yesterday afternoon, I experienced one of those moments where my heart was unsettled and I couldn’t figure out why. Of course, I had many theories as to why (relationship related stuff, work stress, etc.)…..which the mind tends to do, right? When we feel something or a thought pops up, it is human nature to try to understand it , and so we assign a reason for those feelings/thoughts and create a story around it. Those stories may or may not have truth to them. Feelings and thoughts that arise can be from things that we have stored, happenings way in the past that we may not even remember, can be from current situations, can be imprints from experiences witnessed, can be passed down genetically, or it could be something passing through our environments, from others unrelated to us, that we intuitively (and most often unknowingly/with no awareness) pick up (and since we have no reference for it, we believe it to be ours). Often, the stories we create about feelings and thoughts that arise have nothing to do with reality and by creating a story we have now created an alternative reality grounded on false beliefs that become our truth. Not only do we get to live in that false reality, but also, the minute we start creating that story, we move away from living in the present and are instead living in our minds/imaginations, which disconnects us from each other and our earth. It’s a bit of a scary thought that most of us (me included) spend most of our time living in our heads, rather than living in the present with each other.

I am going to attempt to explain in my limited understanding the mechanics of how this works from an energy perspective. All thoughts and feelings are energy. Once created, these energy ripples, carrying thoughts and feelings, move throughout our world permanently, touching each of us and gathering momentum by what we choose to add to them as they come through our vehicles (what we add are our own thoughts, feelings and stories). Sometimes we store these energies in our being and then we get to live with them in our minds and bodies. Creating stories is one way we get to own and hold these energies internally. (The minute we say they are ours, they become ours!) Sometimes we are so full of these energies that it becomes uncomfortable. We know because our minds race (and we can’t seem to turn off our thoughts) and our bodies feel anxious or stressed. Often, we unconsciously or consciously seek ways to relieve ourselves of this discomfort. Lashing out is one way to move energy out of our bodies. (When I see or experience someone’s displaced anger, I understand that the person who is displacing it has absorbed and has been living with this energy and that they are putting it out there because they can’t contain it in their vehicles any longer). Numbing through alcohol or drugs is another way we escape (but we really don’t escape we just numb out for a bit and when the alcohol or drugs wear off, we are right back to where we started). Keeping busy with work and life, seeking to be entertained or taking the focus outside of ourselves are other ways we seek to escape the internal energies that create discomfort. Sometimes we handle it in a healthier way, such as exercise. Exercise does move energy from our physical vehicle but it is random and not targeted in that there is no science to using exercise for this purpose. For me, the healthiest way I have learned to move through energy has been through what I have been taught in my studies of yoga. Yoga applies science to working with our bodies, minds, and energy bodies.

There are various techniques that have been provided to us to move energy which include movement, breathwork, mantras and meditation. At Casa Mannabliss we provide you with a comprehensive education on the various modalities that work to bring peace and relief to the body, mind and soul. (

For those of you with a practice, I recommend that you immediately drop into your practice when you notice things come up. That is exactly what I did yesterday. I stopped myself from creating a story and went straight into the tool belt for the tools we have been provided with.

Here is the list of my personal favorite tools:

1) Breathwork: my four favorite techniques are (a) Kapalabhati : a very powerful breathing technique for moving energy that can be applied to any chakra to move energy throug h; (b) Bhramari : a great technique to calm the mind, relieve anxiety, anger, and stress; (c) for you energy workers out there, take that same energy you channel through to others and using breath and your minds eye, go internally and channel to the energy centers that are in distress and (d) after you are done with any of the 3 above, add alternative nostril breathing/Nadi Shodhana for energy, clearing, health and wellbeing. (If you are not familiar with these techniques, more about them at Casa Mannabliss.)

2) Mantra or Japa: use your favorite mantra that connects you and do a session of devotional mantra (my favorite!!) or japa. I personally think a minimum of 1 round of Malas is a good start (108 times), although you can do 3, 4, 8 or more. One of my favorite Bhakti traditions, engages in 16 rounds of japa daily!!! But of course that is not for everyone, so do what you need to do to feel clear and connected. Let your intuition guide you. Mantra and japa connects you to Divine energy. The minute Divine energy connects to our beings, we begin to heal the body, mind, and energy body, because our system desires to attune itself to this frequency (which is our natural balanced state).

3) Meditation: for those who know me, I have two techniques that I am always going back to and that are the 101 & 102 of meditation techniques. They are Mindfulness and Metta meditations. I believe in incorporating these into our daily practice. A 20 minute mindful practice a day is a beautiful way to clear the mind. Watching the breath and practicing non-attachment to thoughts and feelings clears/moves what comes up. If you can’t do 20 minutes, start with what you can do. Metta/lovingkindness meditation is what we do for humanity but also ha s incredible benefits in shifting our internal energies to a beautiful place. I like to practice both together starting with one and ending with the other. I also love walking meditations. love taking the time to connect with nature. Nature resonates with Divine energy. So attuning ourselves to nature is super healing. Ground into the earth for sitting meditation or mindfully walk in your favorite natural setting. It is great medicine!!!

4) Asana and ecstatic dance: these are two very different techniques but both have powerful effects. Asana (yoga postures) is designed to clear and align our bodies and energy bodies. It’s powerful because it engages the physical body in the clearing process. And there is so much science behind our Asana practice!! Find the asana practice that works for whatever you are looking to work on (heart, sacral, etc). Or, drop into your favorite yoga class. Ecstatic dance is another amazing tool. It uses our body’s intuition to move energy through and welcomes Divine energy into our beings. Use ecstatic dance to clear and uplift the spirit.

Some of the things you can do at home to start: When we feel or think something, take a moment and pause. Don’t assume it is yours. Remind yourself to not create a story around it. If you do create a story, remind yourself that the story may not be real. If you catch yourself before creating the story, take a moment to witness what is coming through, without judgment. Breath into and relax into whatever it is that comes up. Watch/witness it move through you and practice non-attachment. And engage in one of the practices given above or find a class to go to. Whether it be asana, breathwork, mantra, meditation, or ecstatic dance…..Use It!! And reap the instant benefits. For long term results incorporate a daily practice that is sustainable for your lifestyle.

Sending you so much love,



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