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Mannabliss envisions itself as the internet resource for the conscious community.

It is our mission to educate, showcase, support, promote and build a movement of businesses and people committed to conscious practices that are grounded in caring for the wellbeing of our world and its inhabitants.


The MB4 ~ Our Values & Commitment

As a Mannabliss Movement member and LOVE-olutionary, we commit to and ask our members to commit to the following 4 values(the"MB4"):

1. LOVE, RESPECT, CARING, COMPASSION and RESPONSIBILITY: We are driven by love, respect, caring, compassion and a deep sense of responsibility for our earth and its inhabitants.  As such, we commit to doing our part and showing up to the best of our ability to serve the wellbeing of all life forms and the world itself.    We honor, champion and support all paths, models, people, beliefs and traditions based on these principals and celebrate diversity.  

2. CONSCIOUS CONSUMERISM:We agree to build, champion and support conscious businesses that truly care and want to create good.  We share information about businesses doing good things, use our spending power to support them and advocate within our workplace for conscious practices.

3. SHARING OF INFORMATION:We agree to learn, share and implement conscious living and conscious business practices with one another and our community.  We  agree to use the Mannabliss platform to share such information with each other. 

4. COMMUNITY AND SERVICE: We identify ourselves as a tribe/community of conscious businesses and people and take an active role in building our community of like-minded beings.  We actively engage with our community in a manner that creates real, meaningful and supportive relationships.  Furthermore, we value service and volunteerism and agree to make“givingback/paying forward” a regular part of lives.


"The CB6"~ Conscious Business 6 Values & Commitments

WE have the power to shape businesses... the power to raise businesses standards... the power to create a new economic norm.

How? Its simple! Support. Educate. Advocate. Become.

As a Mannabliss Conscious Business Member and LOVE-olutionary, we commit to and ask our members to commit to SUPPORTING & BECOMING businesses that exist with the following 6 values(the"CB6").

1. We are committed to providing quality products and services that add value to customers and the world.

2. Our missions, visions, values, cultures, leadership, and policies embody a higher purpose and conscious practices.

3. We operate ethically, honestly, transparently, and with compassion, care and respect for our earth and all life forms.

4. We foster environments of wellbeing for our customers, employees, business partners and the greater community at large.

5. We continuously analyze products, services, and performance to improve quality and ensure no harm.

6. Our financial & business practices are fair and thoughtful of the impact and benefit to customers, employees, our partners, the general public and our environment.

Welcome to the Mannabliss Tribe!

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in Health Foods, Breakfast

JuiceBuzz MRKT + JUICERY believes food is medicine. We feel Mother Earth provides us with everything we need to heal ourselves: from preventative care to cure, from what we put in our bodies, to what we put on them.

The Crystal Magician

The Crystal Magician

in Energy & Spiritual Healing, Crystals, Gemstones & Metaphysical Tools, Gifts

Architect by trade, following an awakening I learned how to use crystal energy as the ancients did by working with frequency, vibration & sacred space. I install crystals & sacred geometry grids to open energy portals for healing and manifestation.

Casa Mannabliss

Casa Mannabliss

in Clothing, Event Space, Yoga Studio, Jewelry, Gifts, Classroom Space, Music Venue, Meditation Studio

Casa Mannabliss is a co-op of amazing local yoga and meditation teachers, healers, and educators who are committed to teaching conscious living practices, building community and nourishing our members bodies, minds and souls.

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