Elizabeth Scheer

About Me

Elizabeth’s love of yoga began in 2009 when she realized it was possible to have an amazing workout without stressing her body, as she had done for many years via weightlifting and competitive running.  The next year, in 2010, she completed her RYT-200 yoga certification with Leslie Glickman of Yoga Journey and Philip Christodoulou of Anuttara Yoga.  Elizabeth (or “E”) has been blessed to have Judy Weaver of Yoga South as her mentor since 2011 – who she is currently working on her 500 hour teacher certification with, and to study Iyengar yoga under the expert guidance of Colleen Gallagher, now of iYoga in Delray.  E has been a licensed massage therapist since 1997, traveled to Thailand for Thai Massage training in 2000, and has been a reiki practitioner since 2008.  Elizabeth’s intention is to bring her bodywork experience and related knowledge to her students in the form of precise cueing and hands-on assists to fine tune each pose.

After years of an aggressive personal yoga practice, Elizabeth experienced major hip misalignment, which caused excruciating pain, and was the result of what she describes as, “exploiting my flexibility and moving without awareness.”  Extensive study and application of the Iyengar yoga method helped E to build strength in her weak, over-stretched muscles and stability in her hyper-mobile joints, which were contributing to her discomfort.  This experience allowed Elizabeth to look at injuries as blessings, and the knowledge gained from the physical and emotional pain she endured was exactly what she needed to elevate her personal practice from being egoically driven (get into every pose no matter how it feels) to one where focusing on proper alignment, engagement / softening and fluid breath are paramount.  For E, this moves yoga from a mere workout to a healing practice for life.   Elizabeth strives to teach from this place, and encourages practitioners to find their edge while keeping a steady connection to their breath, thus creating more awareness throughout their movements.

Elizabeth’s classes are both playful and challenging, help to build strength while releasing resistance and encourage each student to always honor his/her unique body.  Expect fun music, alignment cues that come straight from her personal practice and yummy hands on assists.  E believes this practice of yoga helps to connect us to our internal guidance system; when we feel connected internally, we live more authentic lives, which allows us to experience true joy.



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