• PaVima

    PaVima is a poetic expression of the Sanskrit word denoting higher dimensions of consciousness. Our unique approach to transformation enables clients to create more socially conscious careers and businesses. It draws from the disciplines of ontological design, somatic integration and self-transcendence – powerful access points for pragmatic individual and organizational Read more [...]

  • Spirit Dreamer Healing Studio

    Arturo Edan Munoz utilizes ancient spiritual art forms for divination, healing and empowerment. Arturo blends the power of the Higher Self and his ability to tap into the spiritual realms to assist you in finding truth, healing and transformation.

  • The Higher Vibration Intuition

    The Higher Vibration is a company completely dedicated to helping you discover your true potential, and release all doubt/fear that is holding you back from pursuing it. With a combination of Life & Health coaching you can get your life back on track, today. There are also additional options for Read more [...]

  • Cool Energy

    Cool Energy supplies a breakthrough power conversion product called the ThermoHeart Engine™. These engines can be used to convert heat between 150 degrees Celsius and 400 degrees Celsius into clean electricity in waste heat applications such as industrial exhaust, stationary power generation, and some pollution control equipment. Producing up to Read more [...]

  • The Paradigm Project

    The Paradigm Project was founded on the premise that business could be used as a tool for good. Since 2008, Paradigm has partnered with forward-thinking brands and investors to fund and grow social businesses that create incredible social, economic and environmental value for families in the developing world.

  • Bark House

    Bark House® Wall Treatments connect people to nature in the built environment through regenerative design that results in active reciprocity. Walls are built to divide and contain. Highland Craftsmen Inc. creates Bark House Wall Treatments to DEFINE CONNECT & EXPAND POTENTIAL Our wall-covering is designed like trees in the forest. Read more [...]

  • Brightworks Sustainability

    [Portland, OR Office] One of the first sustainability consulting firms in the United States, Brightworks Sustainability has enjoyed a position of leadership and innovation in sustainability since its founding in 2001. With deep subject matter expertise, advanced technical resources, creative problem solving, and a commitment to excellence, we help our Read more [...]


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