"The CB6"~ Conscious Business 6 Values & Commitments

As a Mannabliss Conscious Business Member and LOVE-olutionary, we commit to and ask our members to commit to the following 6 values (the "CB6").

WE have the power to shape businesses…the power to raise businesses standards…the power to create a new economic norm.

How? Its simple! Support. Educate. Advocate. Become.

Mannabliss conscious businesses agree to adhere to 6 guidelines:


1. Committed to providing quality products and services that add value to your customers and the world.

2. Mission, vision and values, as well as culture, leadership, and policies embody a higher purpose and conscious practices.

3. Operates ethically, honestly, transparently, and with Compassion and respect for our earth and all life forms.

4. Fosters an environment of growth, empowerment, trust, abundance, win-win solutions, work-life balance, and self-actualization.

5. Continuously analyze products, services, and performance to improve quality and ensure no harm.

6. Financial & business practices are fair and thoughtful of the impact and benefit to customers, employees, the general public and our environment


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