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Hi! I am so excited to welcome you to our tribe. I am Vivian Demille and am the founder of Mannabliss. My spiritual journey began almost twenty years ago when I had a spontaneous and unexpected awakening, during which time I received an incredible amount of information that took me many years, with the guidance of some amazing teachers, to assimilate. I currently embrace all paths to spirit as I see them to be the same. However, I have extensively studied and received training in the principles of yoga and also resonate deeply with the teachings of Jesus (who I consider to be the perfect example of Bhakti yogi!). My current spiritual practice includes prayer, mediation, mantra, reading of spiritual scriptures and conscious materials, being of service to humanity and this planet, and all forms of devotional practices. I have been guiding folks, especially healers, to higher states of consciousness for many years.

Mannabliss started as a South Florida tribe of healers and folks who are curious about consciousness and spirituality as a platform for us to gather, commune together, share energy and learn from one another. One day, Darnelle Pusateri-Quinn (Mananbliss Co-Founder) and I decided it would be awesome to share Mannabliss on a larger scale and that is how our company came to be.

In addition to my spiritual background, I have been committed to improving the lives of people living with mental health and substance use conditions for more than 23 years. In 1999 I became a founding member, director and officer of Chrysalis Health, where I am currently a Board Member and shareholder, as well as the Business Strategy Officer. Chrysalis Health is a behavioral health organization that spans the state of Florida, serves over 30,000 children and adults with behavioral health conditions and employs over 850 behavioral health professionals and paraprofessionals.

In 2004, I became a founding board member and shareholder of Court Options, Inc., a company dedicated to providing diversion opportunities and probation services within the criminal justice system in Florida. Shortly thereafter I became a shareholder, founder and board member of Foundations, Inc., a company dedicated to offering recovery residences for individuals newly entering into recovery and Pals, a Chrysalis Health Company that specializes in services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

I also currently serve on some amazing non-profit boards dedicated to the behavioral health profession and services in Florida including the Florida Behavioral Health Association, the Florida Council for Community Mental Health, Broward Behavioral Health Coalition and AHCA’s Behavioral Health Managed Care Workgroup and AHCA’s ALF Subcommittee.

As to my education, my Bachelors degree is in Psychology and my graduate degree is a Juris Doctorate in Law. However, my greatest education has been what I have learned as a result of my curiosity, exploration of and commitment to ancient spiritual divine practices.

My hope is that we can create a community of folks of various spiritual disciplines gathered under one cyber roof to do the same thing we have been doing in south Florida… commune, connect, share valuable information and help shift this world into a better place for all of us! Again, welcome to our family and to the LOVEOLUTION!


I am a truth seeker. I have spent every breath of my life trying to heal my own issues and karmas so that I can hold space for this time that we all are gathered together. I am aware of where we are and how much work is left to be done. I am honored to have the privilege to bring this platform and information to you. There are many paths to the journey of Love. I encourage you to tap in and connect to whatever resonates with you. I pledge to be a seeker of Love and Light and Truth. I am honored by my tribe that surrounds me and holds me up when I fall down, that makes me smile and laugh, that wipes my tears. Having the support of positive warriors in your life makes all the difference in this physical plane. The Mannabliss tribe is here with open arms to embrace you on your journey.

My journey begins in Delray, Florida where I was born and raised in a family full of love - I am the daughter of an Italian father and Panamanian mother. I left home to attend the University of Florida and graduated with a major in Psychology. In college at UF is where I met my future husband who, like my mother and her family, is from Panama. Small world. I also discovered yoga.
I returned to South Florida where I earned a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. I married my best friend in 2002. After graduation, I was hired as a Mental Health Counselor, by Chrysalis Health, where I still work. I am now a program director at Chrysalis Health and I helped to develop and train the Mindful Therapy Protocol.

During this time, my passion for yoga expanded and I earned my RYT 500. I teach from a place of Love. I tap in and leave my ego at the door. I ask to say and transmit whatever anyone needs to help them on their journey. My style is a dynamic blend of classic vinyasa yoga mixed with a true-to-life personal theme, allowing students to leave the class knowing a little more about themselves and their karmic footprint on the world. Yoga informs my life at home, at work and at play. Yoga and meditation are powerful tools in anyone’s journey to manage stress and develop a positive mental awareness. 
In 2010, my whole world exploded and changed in the most profound way. Our son Jagger was welcomed into this world. A child changes everything and a new dimension of love and wonder is revealed. In 2014, our daughter, Kali, was born. These two tiny yogis are my greatest teachers. They help me re-discover the wonder all around me. They pull me into the present in such a grounded way and then connect me to all that is at the same time. I am blessed to be their mother.

While I am enjoying my journey and my blessings, I am driven to do more, to give more, to serve more. I know our Mannabliss project helps to serve our spiritual community, uniting conscious truth seekers all over the world. Once we are connected we can start to shift our collective vibration and help to heal ourselves and Mother Earth.



Blessings, my Loves! I am forever overwhelmed by the unbelievably beautiful blessing that is this sweet life on Earth. I have always felt a deep yearning in my heart to express Love towards those around me and to serve as a mirror of the Light that encompasses this wonder-filled existence.  While the truths that are now my reality have always been ingrained in my heart, it wasn't until I felt a call to move back to my hometown of Delray Beach, FL in 2014 that I truly began to recognize them. Soon thereafter, my spirit was flooded with information that helped to expand my vocabulary and understanding of Consciousness ~ and my Awareness of all that is (which I now understand to be a forever~uncovering process). I stumbled into the yogic sciences and once I was able to experience the mind, body, spirit connection in its truest form, I realized I could never turn back. My life these days has become a constant search for and uncovering of Truth - which I now know to exist from the center of our hearts. My studies have taken me through trainings in Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga (RYT 200 hours from Sacred Sounds Yoga in NY, NY,) Aerial Yoga (at Defy Gravity Yoga in Delray Beach, FL,) Kundalini Yoga (RYT 200 hours from The Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA,) as well as different types of meditation, Sanskrit and Vedic Astrology. I have also recently had the blessing to step into the service of welcoming new souls to this Earth plane by becoming a birth and post-partum doula.

Through my wonder-filled dance of the spiritual path alongside teachers & believers of many different faiths & practices, I have been guided to understand that the essence of every practice points towards the same Truth: Love is All. I have also come to understand that the greatest teacher any of us can ever have exists within the center of our own heart.

Prior to landing deeply on the yogic path, I lived and studied in New York City, graduating with honors from New York University. With a Bachelors of Science in Media, Culture and Communication and a minor in Producing, I spent my time in NYC working within different aspects of television and media. These days, I spend most of my time in Encinitas, CA, but travel back often to our sweet nest in Delray Beach, FL. I am beside myself with Honor and Gratitude to be taking this journey with each and every one of you and cannot express in words the Love I feel in my soul for you and this unbelievably wonderful life in Eden! Thank you for joining the LOVEolution and walking beside us on our journey towards a Love filled and fueled world!


Muktananda (pronounced muk-ta-nan-da) is a co-founder of Mannabliss, and the founder of PaVima, LLC (www.pavima.org), where he consults with clients who wish to pursue socially conscious businesses and careers. He is also a writer, speaker, and a master ontological coach. Previously he was co-founder and CEO of a business voted by Inc. magazine as one of the Best Small Companies to Work for in America. He is a disciple of Sai Maa, an enlightened spiritual master and humanitarian who gave him the name “Muktananda” while he was re-structuring her organization to position it for global expansion. He continues to oversee Sai Maa’s activities in India. Muktananda’s work has been shaped by studies with several masters of personal and organizational transformation including Tim Gallwey, Fernando Flores, Richard Strozzi Heckler, and Sai Maa. He has consulted with companies in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Brazil, Israel and India. Muktananda earned a BA in Finance and Economics at Concordia University, and his Executive MBA at Kennedy-Western University. He travels the world, but calls Highland Beach, Florida his home.


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