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Love: Our true and optimal nature and resonance; unconditional positive regard and caring for others and everything around us; the transmission of pure and good energy/intentions to others

MannaNourishment and sacred connection accessed through spiritual living, practice and actions

Bliss: The ecstatic state of being when nourished by Manna and acting from Love

MannablissAn assertion that our community and each of our members is committed to embodying Love and Bliss and to making positive change on our planet

Movement: A group of people working together to advance their shared ideas and beliefs


It is our mission to educate, promote and build a community of businesses and people committed to caring for the wellbeing of our world and all those who share it.


We envision a world based on Bliss, Love, Compassion, Beauty, Truth, Integrity, Responsibility and Spirit. We envision our Earth to be a magical playground for all of its creatures. We envision the disappearance of all harmful influences on our planet and a world where there are enough resources for all of us to live in Abundance and to our full potential. We envision all of our brothers and sisters on this planet coming to the realization of our own Divine nature in all of its grandeur. We envision a world where we all have access to Bliss, Love and the Infinite well of Knowledge, and where we truly understand that the quality of our individual experience is directly related to the quality of every life form’s experience on this planet…. where we understand and act with the knowledge that we are all one in Spirit… where each and every one of us take an active role in creating this new world.


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